J. Mendel Resort 2015

Gilles Mendel was inspired by a French-chic vibe in his J. Mendel resort 2015 collection. Designer mentioned the moment when he left Paris and moved to America in early 1980's, that's why he wanted to capture that moment of moving from one city to another. We see a grown up Parisian-chic girl who is still feminine, yet tough. All in all, it's very happy collection with aggressive touches.

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (1)

Here we see model wearing double-breasted, notch-collar belted coat in a dusty pink and black leopard print.

That's what I call glamor and furry outerwear:

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (2)

Broadtail coat with a notch collar in dark blue color:

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (3)

If you are interior designer or creative person, then this outfit with a cozy long vest is meant for you. Love this white, spacious handbag:

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (4)

This double-breasted skirtsuit with flared mini skirt in purple looks quite aggressive to me:

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (5)

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (6)

How about wearing these separates at some special event:

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (7)

That's a marvelous evening appropriate belted coat:

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (8)

That's a strategic outfit, which features fitted trousers and a short sleeve top with one sequined silver shoulder and another embellished with fur:

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (9)

Here we see white silk shirt with tie, styled with collarless, cropped blazer and high-waisted pleated shorts:

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (10)

That's a statement layering effect outerwear in bronze hue.

J. Mendel Resort 2015 (11)

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