Issa Resort 2015

I'd like to share with you this 2015 resort season best looks from Issa. Label's creative director Blue Farrier was inspired by the imagined holiday and vacation of Picasso's muse, the painter Françoise Gilot and Niki de Saint Phalle. Farrier envisioned their possible way of dressing in sunny place. The clothes are made of fabrics mixture which includes silk, nylon, and cotton, as a result we see parchment paper-like pieces. The color palette features pink, green, blush lavender and monochrome. All in all, pre-spring comes with structured clothing designs, which have a relaxed touch.

Issa Resort 2015 (1)

Shapeless pullover in wavy prints is paired with flared black skirt.

Issa Resort 2015 (2)

Pale blue coat-dress with patch pockets looks awesome.

Issa Resort 2015 (3)

Green turquoise T-shirt with 1/2 wide sleeves is paired with pleated tailored long shorts.

Issa Resort 2015 (4)

Here we see peach color button down tucked in culottes with ocean-wave motif pleat. Love the pale blue collarless jacket.

Issa Resort 2015 (6)

Deliciously pink cowl turtleneck is paired with high waisted tennis like skirt with flared hem.

Issa Resort 2015 (7)

A monochrome floral jumpsuit looks ready to work.

Issa Resort 2015 (8)

Fit and flare monochrome floral kaftan is paired with the same print wide trousers.

Issa Resort 2015 (9)

Don't know if it's a jumpsuit but looks like a sporty matching active suit.

Issa Resort 2015 (10)

Cowl neck suit is white with graphic florals.

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