Interview with Tim Labenda for 2018

Interview with Tim Labenda for 2018

Interview with Tim Labenda for 2018

Hello Dears, I had chance to interview menswear German designer Tim Labenda. Here you will find interesting thoughts and ideas about fashion industry, why Tim decided to become a designer, what inspires him creating fabulous and modern outfits. By the way, here is Tim Labenda's Fall collection.

Please tell us about yourself and your brand. Why have you decided to become a designer? What inspired you to become designer?

After gaining almost all of the knowledge you need to be an independent designer and after working really hard in fashion for several years, I finally got to the point where working for someone else frustrated me. I really wanted to focus on my own work and because I am very convinced that there are men out there that would like my work, I decided to put all my energy into establishing my own brand. TIM LABENDA stands for modern classic garments with a sophisticated but casual twist. Pure, clean and remarkable cutting pattern details to point out high quality materials. "Maximize the minimum" is my motto.

What did you want to be in your childhood? Was the designer your dream from the very beginning?

Not at all. As a child I dreamt of becoming a vet - a typical dream for a child. But after a while it changed to many different things, including anything from being an architect to being a chef.

From your point of you, which are the main qualities of a person to become a designer?

For me personally the most important thing is to be absolutely self-confident because you have to deal with so many difficult situations and with so much feedback that you need to be absolutely clear about yourself. Besides that you need to be very patient, focused, hardworking, stress resistant and overall able to manage everything at the same time!

What is your inspiration that makes you to create collections? / How do you create/invent concepts for your upcoming/future collections? What inspires you?

Well, I really like being with friends, and what I like more than partying or getting drunk is to talk with them about the things that are going on in their lives. Most of the time at the beginning of a collection there is one huge overall feeling crystallized. So when I am done with my observation and I am feeling safe about the needs and desires from the men around me, I start researching different topics (architecture, history, people from history, art, music, etc.) depending on the crystallized mood. For me the most important aspect is to know the people I am designing for, their thoughts, sorrows, what they really would like to have at the moment, how they spend their free time, etc. Sexuality, traveling, urban living, and relationships are the most inspiring topics for me.

Which are the most valuable achievements of you? What helped you to achieve your goals: books, people?

Definitely the people around me!

Can you describe the person who wears your garments?

Someone who looks absolutely natural and authentic dressed in his clothes is for me a very well dressed man. This guy knows exactly what fits him best. He knows how to attract women and/or men with his laid back attitude and his confident style. He never looks like he spends too much time in front of the mirror. A slightly worn out pair of leather boots, a relaxed fitted trouser with a slender ankle combined with a plain shirt with interesting details and on top a slightly avant-garde blazer or chunky knit cardigan, depending on the occasion. He's always presented in a very masculine manner, looking simple and sexy while just being himself.

What your working place looks like? What instruments or computer programs are you using during your working process? What materials do you admire?

My workplace always looks very organized. I am working in an office space outside the city in the hills of Würzburg. It is an old fifties building with an amazing light yard in the middle. I do everything by hand, so I am working with my patterns, fabrics, beloved sewing machine and not that much besides that. I really admire high quality materials like cashmere, mohair, silk and linen.

What are you currently working on?

I'm working on my upcoming Spring/Summer collection. I'm very excited, and you should be too!

Which Tim Labenda garment is your favourite?

The white shirt with a twist, having a transparent back and a solid front. It's simple but exciting. Maybe especially for me because I am really into the look of naked, covered skin.

What is your favourite piece from your wardrobe?

A chunky sweater... I love chunky sweaters! I always wear very comfy clothes while working, so I am really into chunky knits and comfortable pieces.

What should always be in your wardrobe?

A Black suit, white shirt, a worn out leather jacket, a great pair of skinny denim pants and, of course, a chunky sweater!

What brands do you wear in your daily life?

Mainly the brands I have previously worked for. I still really admire Ute Ploier, so I have a lot of pieces from her!

What are your favourite magazines, fashion websites and blogs?

There's too many to write down!

What music style or song is your favourite?

At the moment my favourite song is I Love You by Woodkid.

What is your favourite movie?

A timeless favourite... Great Expectations with Ethan Hawke!

What is your favourite movie clothing?

I love the clothes in A Single Man!


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