Interview with Ksenia Schnaider for 2019

Hello My Dear Fashionistas, today I am going to share with you interview with Ukrainian fashion designer Ksenia Marchenko who is behind Ksenia Schnaider's label. I want to thank Ksenia for the image of her workplace and her portrait image, thank you! Please see below our interview.

Interview with Ksenia Schnaider for 2019

Interview with Ksenia Schnaider for 2019

Please tell us about yourself and Ksenia Schnaider. Why have you decided to become a designer? What is your inspiration that makes you to create collections?

I`ve been ito fashion design since 2004, when I start working on youth label X`U. But few years ago I decided to work more consciously and together with my husband art director and graphic designer Anton Schnaider start new studio Ksenia Schnaider. We aim to create beautiful, unique clothes for the contemporary man and woman. However, unlike most brands, we are not inspired by concepts and ideas but instead by clothing itself. For instance, our Spring/Summer 2013 collection, “Camouflage”, was inspired by the camouflage pattern on military wear and our Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, “Bodywarmer”, by the classic bodywarmer and, in particular, the quilting detail. We then try and carry these key features throughout the entire collection.

What inspired you to become designer?

One day I realized that I can not resist tailoring and fashion design any more. So I started to work on improoving my skills and trying my best to create what I had on my mind… No one inspired me expept myself.

What did you want to be in your childhood? Was the designer your dream from the very beginning?

When I was at school I was fascinated by cinema and had only one dream to work there no matter what to do. But the dream remained a dream and I got in another fairy tale – fashion.

From your point of you, which are the main qualities of a person to become a designer?


Which are the most valuable achievements of you? What helped you to achieve your goals: books, people?

I don`t really care about achievements becouse I appreciate the process more. Enjoying any expirience was my main help, I guess.

How do you create/invent concepts for your upcoming / future collections? What inspires you?

As mentioned previously, clothing itself is my main inspiration. I like to take particular features and interpret them in my own way. For instance, for Autumn/Winter 2013, I took a relatively basic garment, the bodywarmer, and turned it into a luxury item by using leather and silk.

Can you describe the person, who wears Ksenia Schnaider’s garments?

Someone who’s young, contemporary and creative, and who doesn’t mind attracting attention…

What your working place looks like? What instruments or computer programs are you using during your working process? What materials do you admire?

Mostly we work at home with Anton. I only leave it for feetings and meetings. I use only paper and pen and old dummy to get some inspiration and understanding of form. Anton is more about gadgets and technologies, he has everything… He has a lot of stuff, he even has special room to keep it all. According to materials, mostly we work with cotton, silk and velvet. But we are searching for something new!

Interview with Ksenia Schnaider for 2019

Interview with Ksenia Schnaider for 2019

What are you currently working on?

Spring/Summer 2014 and paralell we are working on a big presentation of our f/w 13 in Moscow.

Which Ksenia Schnaider garment is your favourite?

I love our long dresses… Especially the white silk one from the debut Spring/Summer 2012 collection!

What is your favourite piece from your wardrobe?

I try to wear Ksenia Schnaider as much as possible, so my favourite pieces in my wardrobe would probably be my long white silk dress and black wool trousers.

What should always be in your wardrobe?

A beautiful dress and comfy sweatshirt! Anton loves his black camouflage sweatshirt from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. A great white shirt is also a must!

What brands do you wear in your daily life?

My personal wardrobe is very small. I am not obssed with shopping as other girls. Most of my clothes are vintage. We have cool flea markets in Kiev and we often get some strange stuff there. I usually wear some 70th skirts or sporty 90th trousers. Basic t-shirts and leggins I got from X`U.

What are your favourite magazines, fashion websites and blogs?

I love Garage Magazine, 10, Russian version of Interview, Brithish Vogue.

What music style or song is your favourite?

I love music but I get botherd of it so quikly..

What is your favourite movie?

I don`t have one, but yesterday we watched for the hundredth time Russian black and white legendary movie «Я шагаю по Москве», so it`s the first that came to my mind!

What is your favourite movie clothing?

I like how people dressed in Marie Antoinette, Annie Hall, Cleo from 5 to 7, L'eclisse, Anna Кarenina, Charade, Vivre sa vie, Wild at heart, Once Again About Love, The Brown Bunny, Marnie, The Royal Tenenbaums and so on…

Please tell us about your favourite place to relax. How do you prefer to spend your free time?

Both me and Anton love to travel! When we’re not working, we try to travel as much as possible. We recently visited China and Tbilisi we had our presentations there but had I chance to walk and dive head into new life.

Please tell us about your hobbies?

Now I spend my free time with my daugter – we like to draw or to glue applications. :)

What was the best gift in your life?

My daughter Zoe.

We would like to know about your future plans. How and where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I hope that Ksenia Schnaider will be stocked and known internationally. That’s what I dream of!


Interview with Ksenia Schnaider for 2019

Interview with Ksenia Schnaider for 2019

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