Interview with Freak Factory for

Today I've got fresh interview for you my dear fashionistas. I've interviewed designer Jeva Bartuseviciute who is behind Freak Factory brand. It was a pleasure talking with her. Here below you will find my questions and Jeva's answers. She gave me some of her favorite outfit images, including short mantel top, coat with black elements and zipper trousers, looks great!

Interview with Freak Factory for 2019

Buy Similar HereInterview with Freak Factory for 2019

Please tell us about yourself and Freak Factory. Why have you decided to become a designer?

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to draw. Illustrations, colours and forms were an obsession of mine since early childhood and have remained with me. Drawings, forms, objects and colours are my main passion and strength, allowing me to express my personality and to be true to myself.

Back in Lithuania I didn’t have a chance to study design after graduating from high school. This opportunity only came along while studying languages at Zurich University.

After finishing the foundation course in art and design, I enrolled into three different subjects at once: fashion, textile and industrial design. I was accepted to the textile design course, but after my practice year in New York, and after trying myself in a few separate industries, I decided that fashion interested me the most.

In terms of ‘Freak Factory’, the key step in the label’s history came in 2001, when I decided to launch my first label – ‘Laundryclub’. I started on my own and used to spend days in my studio working on illustrations and silk prints – collaborating on various commercial and non-commercial projects with artists and designers. I felt an enormous pleasure turning my hobby into work, but had no idea that this could become my main career.

This understanding came later, when I started producing more commercially successful work that brought in money. Around this time, my current business partner and Freak Factory’s commercial director Jurate Kasperaviciene suggested producing a joint collection. I had known her since the start of my first label, as she helped me on various, production related matters.

And so, in 2010 we founded ‘Freak Factory’. The first S/S 2010 collection was followed by the second, third etc. The main focus was to make desirable and wearable garments (hence ‘Factory’), while maintaining my signature quirky style, with extra details and illustrations (hence ‘Freak’).

From your point of you, which are the main qualities of a person to become a designer?

Authenticity. Or in words from Georgia O`Keeffe: “Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing... To create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage."

What is your inspiration that drives you to create collections?

My inspiration comes from different sources. In general, I observe without judging. I may see a shape in a building site and associate it with a piece of garment or I might be inspired by the simple sound of words. Sometimes, one sentence can launch an avalanche of different visions. Overall, the result visible in our collections is a mix of inspiration received from various sources.

What are your most valuable achievements?

I guess my most valuable achievement is the fact that I took the risk to enrol in the arts field and created my own label.

What helped you to achieve your goals: books, people?

Good organizational skills, persistence and my team.

Can you describe the person, who wears your Freak Factory’s garments?

My garments are for me and my girls, who are grown-up women that, whilst being grown up and responsible with jobs and kids, still have colourful personalities and wild lifestyles.

What does your working place look like? 

Originally I am an illustrator and textile designer. My work place is full of drawings, drafts, colours, items, photos, and pictures that inspire me to draw and paint. In my opinion, everything made by computers is lacking human spirit. Sensuality plays an important role in my work.

My degree is in textile design, so I know all about production, raw materials etc. Only the best quality is good enough. During the design process, I am very interested in generating a "field of tension" within the materials and textures, especially to generate new context. This summer, for example, I experienced lots with elastic terry cloth, which is usually used for pyjamas!

What are you currently working on?

On spring/summer 2014 collection.

What is your favourite piece from your wardrobe?

I am drawn to dark red microfiber pants with double zippers from Freak Factory's summer collection 2011. I wear it almost every day for two years now. I love the shimmer of the material, the feel of it, as well as the perfect fit.

Interview with Freak Factory for 2019

Buy Similar HereInterview with Freak Factory for 2019

For two seasons I have also been wearing the "black element coat" from the autumn/winter collection 2012/13.

Interview with Freak Factory for 2019

Buy Similar HereInterview with Freak Factory for 2019

The "Short mantel top" from the current collection has an addictive potential as well.

Interview with Freak Factory for 2019

Buy Similar HereInterview with Freak Factory for 2019

What should always be in your wardrobe?

Underwear? Socks?.. Doesn`t mean that this is enough to go out on the street… :)

What brands do you wear in your daily life?

Freak Factory dominates everyday life for me and the women in my team. Quality is our passion and we try to test everything on ourselves. I have a big heart for other designers and I appreciate the combination of Freak Factory with other labels. I think of Freak Factory with Iro, Raquel Allegra, Joseph, Anntian and cut25. I combine my design fashion with folkloristic pieces from local stores and fair trade shops.

What are your favourite magazines, fashion websites and blogs?

I am interested in fashion that has a link to arts, photography, architecture… general to world affairs. There are rarely pure fashion sources. I am reading magazines which highlight the design and arts scene and report on the people behind. I am very interested in the personalities behind the work and what they think. I have a big heart for brave people and the ideas they have.

Right now I think of „Metal“ magazine that I often buy.

What music style or song is your favourite?

At the moment I'm listening to African and Caribbean radio. In a week’s time I would probably answer all of these differently! The only constant is change!

What is your favourite movie?

„Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy“.

Please tell us about your favourite place to relax. How do you prefer to spend your free time?

My favourite place to relax is Hammam-Spa and I usually spend my free time traveling.

Please tell us about your hobbies?

Traveling, discovering different things.

What was the best gift in your life?

A two-year entrance card for the Hammam-Spa.

We would like to know about your future plans. How and where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Talking about the future, I hope that one day Freak Factory will be associated not only with garments, but also with other products and objects.


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