Interview With Fashion Designer: Rubin Singer 2019

Hello Dear Fashionistas, I have decided to open new category on titled - Interviews. From now on I will post interesting interviews with different fashion people, starting from designers to musicians, bloggers and other fashion addicted persons. Today's guest is Rubin Singer. His work can be found here.

Interview With Fashion Designer: Rubin Singer 2019

Interview With Fashion Designer: Rubin Singer 2019

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THE BFB: Please tell us about yourself and about your label. Why have you decided to become a designer? What inspired you to become designer?

Rubin Singer: It is my blood, I grew up in Fashion: my father is my biggest inspiration, I learned everything I know from him. I started designing at 5.

THE BFB: What did you want to be in your childhood? Was the designer your dream from the very beginning?

Rubin Singer: No, I was going to be an artist, specifically an oil painter.

THE BFB: From your point of you, which are the main qualities of a person to become a designer?

Rubin Singer: Vision, obsession and resilliance.

THE BFB: Which are the most valuable achievements of you? What helped you to achieve your goals: books, people?

Rubin Singer: My most valuable achievement are my loved ones, my company, the staff and my friends.

THE BFB: How do you create/invent concepts for your upcoming / future collections? What inspires you?

Rubin Singer: I read a lot, travel very often and get inspired by music.

THE BFB: Can you describe the person, who wears your brand’s garments?

Rubin Singer: A woman who has an innate sense of herself. My clothes are social armory.

THE BFB: What your working place looks like ? What instruments or computer programs are you using during your working process?

Rubin Singer: I use paper, pencil and my hands. My office at times feels and looks like a scene out of an Almodovar film.

THE BFB: What are you currently working on?

Rubin Singer: My Bridal and resort collections.

THE BFB: What garment of your brand is your favorite?

Rubin Singer: Rubin Singer Men's.

THE BFB: What is your favorite piece from wardrobe?

Rubin Singer: My leather vest that I made years ago.

THE BFB: What should always be in your wardrobe?

Rubin Singer: Clean underwear!

THE BFB: What brands do you wear in your daily life? Maybe only one’s that you created?

Rubin Singer: From Hermés and Dior to H&M and Zara...

THE BFB: What is your favorite movie?

Rubin Singer: Fritz Langs Metropolis

THE BFB: What is your favorite movie clothing?

Rubin Singer: My favorite movie costume design is Priscilla Queen of the Desert

THE BFB: What was the best gift in your life?

Rubin Singer: My personal relationship and working in the industry that I love.

THE BFB: We would like to know about your future plans. How and where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Rubin Singer: I hope I will continue to evolve and maintain the consistency of the DNA of my brand. I envision making Rubin Singer a global fashion and lifestyle brand.Hope you enjoyed my interview with Rubin Singer.

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