If You Are Addicted To Punk Style, Then You Gonna Love Cheap Monday Fall 2015

Hello Everyone! I have already covered Cheap Monday men's and women's collections Autumn 2015 season runway shows (Here are the links: men and women). Now, it's time to view brand's lookbook images. Swedish brand was inspired by the film “Lord of the Flies.” The punk style aesthetic is revealed from a new angle, where everything looks a bit different.

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (1)

Keep it cool, original and strange. We see male model, who appears in a black look, wearing heavy knit beanie, original looking varsity jacket, striped top and black sheepskin trousers paired with white laces combat boots. Female model looks great in grey fedora, gingham shirt, striped scarf, printed top, light grey sweat-shorts and velvet block low heel shoes. An ideal layering look.

It feels like we see a kind of “shipwrecked look.” Half of the showcased clothes appear to be army inspired and tribal, while another part appears to be punk and pirate afflated. This Winter 2015-2016 is full of cool details and prints, including ripped sock trompe l’oeil prints, printed patches, crushed velvet, faded fanzine pastels, broken and tied garments, big checks (my favorite) punky sailor stripes, threadbare knits, crinkled sweats and knits. If you are addicted to punk & grunge styles, then you gonna love this Fall season's collection. All in all, Cheap Monday keeps it original and very individual. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (2)

Another great looking set! Male model appears in ripped black jeans and cozy sweater, while female model keeps it cozy clad in layered look, wearing wide stripe tee atop slim striped top paired with black leather look cropped trousers. I don't know for sure, but it appears like she is wearing a baseball cap under black fedora hat.

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (3)

I JUST LOVE THIS IMAGE! Fashion model is sitting on a chair wearing light grey knit beanie, biker inspired bomber jacket in black leather and cool cuffed wide jeans. How many likes for this little piggie?

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (4)

The grunge is back with punk touches. We see a knitted beanie styled with nylon black bomber, striped top and patched trousers.

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (5)

MUST-HAVE accessories: gingham cap, black fedora, striped scarf, cow-print clutch bag and white combat boots (looking Dr. Martens alike).

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (6)

Male model keeps it cool with a gingham print cap, ripped black denim jacket, faded gingham print grey jeans and cool backpack in black leather.

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (7)

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (8)

Fashion model appears in a cow-print or brush strokes printed white blouse worn underneath tank top.

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (9)

The gingham print appears everywhere! Love this elongated denim jacket and lace-up knee-length combat boots.

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (10)

I am so in love with a relaxed fit of this lookbook.

Cheap Monday Fall 2015 (11)

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