How To Wear: Women’s Parkas 2015

I want to share with you new 2015 season's modern women's outerwear which name is parka. Today I want to show you best ideas of how to wear this statement outerwear. It is no surprise that women nowadays tend to wear everything which is menswear inspired. That's why we see so many fashionistas wearing parkas these days. This kind of jacket is inspired by American army pilots back in the fifties of last century. It's an universal piece which features numerous pockets, warm lining, hood and it's made of water-resistant material. The fur lined design will ideally suit for cold winter days while you are on your way to school, countryside trips or work.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (1)

The indigo leggings looks perfect with camel leather boots and khaki green hooded design. If you want to make your outfit even brighter, then I advice you to update it with cool classic watches and tortoise sunglasses.

That's an extremely versatile piece which ideally fits with other style garments. Thanks to the unfastened warm lining you can wear it during spring, winter and autumn seasons. Speaking of colors, then there are khaki, sand, olive and navy, but in recent years there tend to be popular beige, mustard, black and yellow styles. You can wear it with everything you want, starting from casual separates to dressy evening gowns and suits. There are several DON'TS: forget about bold make-ups and hairstyles (you will look weird), keep it simple and natural; it's better not to wear patent leather bags, keep it more sporty; if the shoes come with a heel, then it should be better wedge styles and booties; before buying this jacket pay attention to its size (it's better to be one size bigger than smaller).

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The cable knit white sweater looks ideal with straight classic jeans, dusted green outerwear, vintage boho light brown bag and lace-up white slip-ons.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (3)

The knitted yellow pullover looks great with dusted green chinos, casual boots, grey parka and spacious handbag.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (4)

How about choosing high-waisted skinnies teamed with cropped burgundy pullover, brown boots, hooded dark green parka and school-inspired satchel.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (5)

Here we see indigo skinnies paired with grey booties, floral top and khaki green jacket with leather black sleeves.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (6)

That's a mannish look, which consists of a hoodie, classic skinnies, warm outerwear, white scarf and heavy boots.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (7)

How about choosing vibrant print dress which can be paired with yellow and turquoise accessories.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (8)

Keep it cool with military inspired boots, which feature laces and high soles.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (9)

Long knitted scarves are must-haves, as you can wrap them around your neck making it look cozy and stylish.

Women’s Parkas 2015 (10)

Speaking of sweaters and jumpers, then I advice you to try on classic colored pieces in black, white, grey and beige colors.

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