How To Wear Sneakers

Let's speak about how to style sneakers. Indeed, some of you will tell me that this is quite easy, but as I see while walking down the street- many girls and women do not know how to team sneakers with their overall look, that's why my mission for today is to show you the best examples of how to look perfect while wearing sneaker shoes. I think there is no need telling you that sneakers look perfect with track-suits and sweat-sets (sweatshirts and sweatpants), that's a perfect sporty-chic combination, but waht about casual styling. Well, here we have to speak a bit more. So, it you want to look sophisticated and cool, then take a look at these street-style inspiration images:

Sneakers (1)

I think there is no offence looking to the street style fashion to gather inspiration for your brilliant ideas of styling your sporty-urban look. As you already noticed, sneakers look perfect with relaxed and loose-fit style clothing. Anyway, if you want a casual look, then the best choises are cool simple tees with basic colors, bold hue sneakers and elegant dress, like a cool leather jacket. If you want a bit sophisticated style, then team sneakers with black tights and chic flared mini skirt. There is always chance to make a mix match style, teaming printed looks with bold patterns and sneakers for kind a 21 century punk look.

Sneakers (2)

Sneakers (3)

Sneakers (4)

Sneakers (5)

Sneakers (7)

Sneakers (9)

If you are still in doubt, then believe me, you can always take cues from the runway shows. Keep in mind one thing, that all those runways shows sometimes end on the runway presentations, as people simply do not wear those looks in the day-to-day life.

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