How To Wear: Skater Skirts

In today's post we are going to speak about skater skirts, which are ideal for various occasions. Skater skirts are universal and ideal for every single body shape. This kind of bottom wear can look casual or dressy, everything depends on the fabric and color choice. They are easy to wear and style, that's why they are versatile and universally flattering. This style is fitted at the waist and flared out into an A-line silhouette. As I have already mentioned, this awesome staple comes in an endless array of colors, fabrics and patterns. Next important thing is they are season-less, but most women love them wearing during summer months. If you want to make your look original and unique, then here are several style tips on how you can update your modern look. Check out these ideas of how to wear this garment in the streets and special occasions:

Skater Skirts (1)

How about wearing dark fuchsia with black? Try on fuchsia skirt, wide brim hat, classic pumps and sunglasses with black short-sleeve top.

Skater Skirts (2)

Make it sweeter with pale turquoise color and try on floral sleeveless tailored blouse cinched at the waist with a skinny belt and pretty classic bottom.

Skater Skirts (3)

Some girls like it more casual and choose retro jacquard floral print bottom, shirt collar sleeveless top and circled sunglasses with ballet flats.

Skater Skirts (4)

Here we see neon color update, which includes lime green, bright blue and white combination.

Skater Skirts (5)

Here we see a business look update, which includes tailored suit jacket, blouse shirt and printed bottom.

Skater Skirts (6)

That's an everyday update, which is ideal for working women. It features jacquard top in light yellow, floral skirt, eye-catching cardigan and wedge sandals.

Skater Skirts (7)

Make it glamor with calm color. I love the look of this ruched and lush top.

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