How to wear ripped denim?

I think you have noticed the evolution of ripped jeans style, as many models come in unexpected styles, like the torn-up denim with many variations, giving us lots of interesting jeans with effortless looks. There is no doubt that the 2014 year will come in many cool denim torn-up pants models. Keep in mind one thing: these jeans are not suitable for most occasions, so please wear ripped denim for parties, casual days, festivals and for weekends.

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The main idea in ripped jeans styling is to feel comfort, as these distressed pants have to look feminine (underlining your uniqueness and oiginality), not too masculine on you, otherwise you will look like a bum. Of course everything depends on your personal preferences, as you may look classy, edgy and tough, wearing masculine inspired accessories and outings.

All depends on what kind of appearance you want to achieve. If you want everyone staring at your ripped jeans, then I believe, it's better to choose a stand-out shredded denim: boyfriend jeans with cuts exposing your knees teamed with slick heels and cool black blazer. If you want something that will make just a cool touch, which will only underline your unique style, then choose subtle shreds and add bold prints and playful colors.

If we speak about skinnies and boyfriend jeans, then here are some clues for you. As I've already told you about the fashion evolution which upgrades every season, then there is no secret, that we see fresh denim silhouettes in the streets, as every year many brands expand the myraid of jeans styles, so the choices of distressed jeans always grow up. As you can wear ripped skinnies as well as boyfriend's. So which ones is better. Truly saying- they are both cool and look equally relevant.

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