How To Wear Leggings With Dresses

Before we move on and talk about possible ways of wearing leggings with dresses I want to ask myself: why do women wear leggings under the dress? There are several worth reasons: first of all, they wear it because sometimes ensemble isn't long enough, secondly, some women feel themselves like being in a kind of camouflage while wearing these bottom, as they do not want to show off their fat legs, some women want to wear sandals, but they have some troubles with skin, so they prefer to keep their skin covered, while other ladies are afraid their underwear might be seen. Most of women fear of something, that's why they use this bottom as a kind of protection. The majority of women like wearing short dresses which are perfect for elongating your legs, that's why petite girls love sporting this kind of combination, as they automatically looking higher. One of the important rules is to keep your look simple. You can try something shorter than you might usually wear; leggings are more practical, functional and breathable. Anyway, let's have a look at some of the basic style combinations, which will make you looking great.

Leggings With Dresses (1)

Here we see a preppy look, which features black wool beanie, turtleneck dress, double-breasted dark camel coat, black bottoms and camel wedge boots. If you want to finish this look, then I advice to add shearling gloves and shoulder leather handbag.

Leggings With Dresses (2)

How about mixing styles. Here we see lace-up high boots in brown leather, which are worn with black bottoms, elongated chambray shirt (worn as ensemble) and mustard cable-knit sweater.

Leggings With Dresses (3)

That's a perfect black and white outfit. Here we see micro plaid monochrome ensemble, black leather leggings, and wrap style plaid coat.

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If you have overweight problems, then how about these paisley printed leggings worn with slouchy flat boots and black shift with leather detailing. If you want to draw everyone's attention aways from your legs, then how about finishing this look with a red heavy scarf and mustard cable-knit cardigan.

Leggings With Dresses (5)

As I have already said before, keep it simple and try on elongated crewneck in light grey color, which can be styled with white bottoms.

Leggings With Dresses (6)

If you want something brighter, then how about this striped cocktail look which is styled with a fuchsia clutch bag.

Leggings With Dresses (7)

That's what I call elegant Dandy look.

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