How To Style: Ski Clothing For Women

Let's speak about winter activities. Today I bring you a compilation of ski clothing for women and how to style it correctly. There are thousands of contemporary models which are made of high-quality fabrics which will save you from colds and winds. So the ideal ski clothing should be warm, water and wind resistant while the fit has to be comfortable. Speaking of color choice, then I advice you to choose the bright colors, which come in contrast with snow. That's why it's better to choose fresh and colorful styles, made is red, orange, blue, etc. Thanks to the bright color there will be no problem for others to see you. The following Polyvore compilation consists of awesome looks, which are ideal for the upcoming ski season.

Ski Clothing For Women (1)

Here we see a quilted, light green down jacket worn with rainbow tweed sweater, high-waisted purple cargo pants, light red boots, grey gloves, cool beanie and yellow backpack.

Ski Clothing For Women (2)

That's a sophisticated dark colored look, which consists of a dark navy long outerwear with patch pockets, isle print sweater, snow trousers, lace-up boots, slim-fit gloves, knitted beanie and goggles.

Ski Clothing For Women (3)

The white, hooded parka looks awesome worn atop grey pullover, black track pants, mittens and ski boots.

Ski Clothing For Women (4)

Here we see a down coat in white color, which is worn with blue cargo trousers, neoprene gloves, fur earmuffs and fur boots.

Ski Clothing For Women (5)

The down jacket in white color looks perfect with black turtleneck, statement high boots, cool rucksack, white knitted beret and monochrome black-white printed leggings.

Ski Clothing For Women (6)

The turquoise hooded skiing outerwear looks awesome worn with blue pants and statement goggles.

Ski Clothing For Women (7)

Here we see salmon pink outfit, which consists of a hooded jacket, heavy, cozy trousers and pom pom beanie. Love the satchel the following satchel bag.

Ski Clothing For Women (8)

Ski Clothing For Women (9)

Ski Clothing For Women (10)

Ski Clothing For Women (11)

The black ski overalls can be worn with high-neck white sweater, ski jacket, heavy boots, backpack and red accessories.

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