How To Style Overall Shorts

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of overall shorts. This piece of clothing is an ideal for almost any event, except the formal ones, but it's perfect for wearing in your everyday life, on Fridays at the office, cocktail parties and meeting up with your friends. This timeless trend is coming back again this year, so I guess it's better to refresh our memory and see how to style overall shorts. For today's review I have chosen the street style ideas to inspire you to wear this eye-catching piece of cloth. There are ladies who afraid to try it on, thinking they look like little girls, but believe me, you will never go wrong sporting this look. It's easy to style and very comfy. You can easily combine it with crop tops, simple shirts and blouses. When it comes to footwear, feel free to wear sneakers, heels, sandals, slip-ons and various chunky footwear. If you still wondering what to pair with this 90's inspired trend, then let me show you the best everyday looks to try on next day.

Overall Shorts For Women (1)

Here we see washed design with a slouchy fit. Try them on with a cropped black tee in a white polka dot, high-heeled sandals and eye-catching retro hat. That's an ideal laid back vibe, that is perfect for a casual weekend wear.

Overall Shorts For Women (2)

The ripped, dark blue style looks perfect with grey tee and cool Converse trainers.

Overall Shorts For Women (3)

Here we see two options of cool denim wear styles. One pair comes in a light color and the other one in a darken hue. Style them with simple tees and cool, modern sneakers.

Overall Shorts For Women (4)

The khaki colored jeans wear is ideal for wearing with pale cream top and stylish trainers.

Overall Shorts For Women (5)

Here we see a cool summery look, what is a real must have for street wear: rounded black sunglasses, bright white slip-ons, grey short sleeve top, washed light blue overalls and cool backpack.

Overall Shorts For Women (6)

If you want yourself an automatic Tomboy update, then try this black leather design styled with white top and chunky sandals.

Overall Shorts For Women (7)

Next black leather look version is this gorgeous design. Try it on with chunky white sandals with low heel.

Overall Shorts For Women (8)

The pinstripe design looks ideal with turquoise flat pumps and rich blue clutch bag.

Overall Shorts For Women (9)

Another simple, but street style appropriate look. Love these chunky sandals.

Overall Shorts For Women (10)

How about wearing ripped and shredded black tee with your favorite washed blue overalls. Keep your eyes on the glossy flats.

Overall Shorts For Women (11)

The ripped design is ideal for casual warm summer days. How about teaming this style with silvery metal espadrilles.

Overall Shorts For Women (12)

Overall Shorts For Women (13)

That's a sweet and girlish choice. We see cherry addicted outfit: cherry printed cropped top, cool watches, polka dot ballerina flats and classic washed blue denims.

Overall Shorts For Women (14)

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