How to Dress Like a Tomboy

In today's post I want to discuss one look, which name is tomboy. The formula of dressing is quite simple, as you have to combine cool girls details and borrowed from the boys fashion garments for making that special off-duty look. Indeed, most of Tomboy look models and ladies look go for menswear-inspired essentials. If you love keeping your outfit simple, then this look is an ideal choice for you. The advantage of this style is the simple and comfortable update, which make you feel relaxed. I personally love to see girls wearing cotton plaid shirts and stylized printed tees. There are lots of girls who prefer wearing cool, comfortable pants instead of skirts. Today's fashion bands offer wide range of skinny skater trousers, distressed or boot-cut jeans. Don't forget about sporty updates, like easy and cool sneakers, sports pants, etc. All in all, I advice you to try on this update:

Tomboy Style (1)

Here we see ripped boyfriends with simple tank top, cable-knit loose-fit sweater, wayfarers and red accessories, including satchel and red trainers.

Tomboy Style (2)

Keep it boyish and try on cargo pants with plaid shirt, knitted sweater and flat, brown brogues.

Tomboy Style (3)

Another great look comes with striped, monochrome pullover, distressed boyfriends, pointed toe suede, black heels, circled black sunglasses and Chanel chain handle clutch.

Tomboy Style (4)

Keep it sporty with hooded denim vest, skinnies, grey beanie, light grey trainers, statement black frame glasses and statement necklaces.

Tomboy Style (5)

Here we see another great look, which features a striped, monochrome top, military, khaki blazer, plaid scarf and classic, black leather boots.

Tomboy Style (6)

That's a simple look, which features boyfriends with patches, striped, loose-fit top and lace-up black slip-ons.

Tomboy Style (7)

The cropped sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse print looks awesome styled with cargo shorts and hi-top sneakers.

Tomboy Style (8)

Here we see simple, casual outfit, which includes sheer, black tank top (which looks like a dress to me), baggy, cuffed boyfriends, slipper sandals and cool white backpack.

Tomboy Style (9)

There is kind of grunge touch in this look. Love the plaid sleeveless shirt worn with indigo skinnies and styled with tote bag in black color.

Tomboy Style (10)

The high combat boots are worn with skinnies, burgundy knitted pullover and khaki green parka.

Tomboy Style (11)

Another casual update which comes with baggy jeans, simple sleeveless grey sweatshirt and knitted, black cardigan.

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