How To Dress Like A French Woman: Ines de la Fressange Paris х UNIQLO

This season Uniqlo has partnered up with French model-slash-designer Ines de la Fressange. The two have delivered capsule collections of affordable pieces inspired by the sophisticated femininity found in the influential works of motion picture directors François Truffaut​ and Jean-Luc Godard. I see beautiful Parisian charm and spirit. Ines de la Fressange is known not only for modeling and being muse for leading designer brands. She's also a successful business lady, designer and fashion icon. Ines has her own unique style and perfect taste in combining mannish and ladylike clothes. I love the way she manages easily pair everyday clothes by adding special Parisian chic that is so popular among fashionistas around the world.

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Make a move around town wearing a stylish blazer atop your favorite snowflake patterned crewneck sweater and midi skirt. Complete the outfit by adding leather belt worn atop jacket.

The collection is designed to look as if it had been taken from a movie. Everything looks sophisticated and modern, while still remaining classic. We see beautiful colors, including red, forest green, Bordeaux and navy. We see formal, as well as dressy items for any occasion and time. These are special clothes that can be worn every day. Each garment expresses individuality and ultimate sophistication. All these creations can be easily mixed and matched. The styling is elegant, feminine and timelessly chic. I am 100% sure these outfit will make you look and feel confident. Go for comfort and functionality.

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How about wearing naval style outfits? Looks mannish and elegant.

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We see models wearing corduroy jackets with loose, wide cords. Each design comes with elbow patches that provide subtle accents. You can fold up sleeves to reveal the lined striped lining for a stylish accent. Complete the look by adding shirt made from a sheer, breezy cotton lawn material. As you can see the stripes are created through the use of yarn-dyed fibers for a beautiful, delicate color. I like the way black leather belt is worn on the waist line atop burgundy jacket.

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Preppy girls are back in town! In love with grid print and that navy colored skirtsuit.

Ines de la Fressange Paris х UNIQLO (6)

Cable-knit cream-white sweater is a perfect match for cozy Sundays gatherings.

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Soft wool pinstripe jacket looks irresistibly chic worn with matching pencil skirt and cashmere crewneck.

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Keep it chic and sophisticated. Try on cashmere knit beret in black color and style it with a coat made from a double-faced material in which two different materials are combined. This outerwear comes with an excellent comfort and inner layer. The outfit is completed with a flannel printed long-sleeve shirt, gathered midi skirt and mannish black leather shoes.

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You are in the army now! Khaki green color appears on double-breasted rainproof coat and cargo jacket.

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