Hobo-Chic Clothes In Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015

Preppy, Urban Hobo-chic girl goes down the street. Japanese fashion brand Sacai Luck reveals its Pre-Fall 2015 season's collection. Label's designer and creative director Chitose Abe keeps attention on details, preppy looks and cozy layers. Fashion model Stella Lucia looks vintage in the presented staples: sweaters with shirttail backs, Perfecto puffers, glossy down jackets with removable Mongolian lamb trim and many other trendy and commercial garments. I personally like collection's cork-sole platform sandal with metallic uppers, they are ideal for those ladies who really want to make their walking very special. The color palette features dark and deary colors. You gonna be amazed by the wide variety of turtlenecks, floppy hats and cozy scarves. Chitose Abe brings an urban spirit what is seen through heavy coats and sweaters. That's an expressive collection with its own style risks what are great for showing off in the streets.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (1)

We see model wearing black floppy hat with plaid double-breasted coat, leather leggings and high solve platform sandals.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (2)

That's a vintage skirt-suit that is an ideal look for those ladies who are in search of functionality and comfort.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (3)

Blue long-sleeve shift is updated with knitwear patches and long scarf. That's a cozy ensemble for your special evenings.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (4)

We see white cream turtleneck worn underneath green pullover with grey knit patches and cool high-waisted green-grey skirt.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (5)

The vintage look ensemble is another stunning piece for making a real statement in the crowd.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (6)

Model wears glossy down jacket worn with long black skirt with fringe detail.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (7)

Glossy A-line down coat with removable Mongolian lamb trim looks fantastic worn atop leopard print dress.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (8)

The khaki-olive glossy jacket looks awesome with blue turtleneck, leopard print dress and leather leggings.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (9)

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (10)

That's a creative poncho-coat with leather jacket sleeves. I love fringed bottom of this outerwear.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (11)

Can't say for sure but it looks like the navy leather jacket is updated with Mongolian lamb fur.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (12)

Another great outerwear is worn atop quilted vest and styled with pleated culottes.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (13)

This cream beige poncho-coat with statement buttons looks fantastic paired with dark red leggings.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (14)

How about wearing military trend during cold season? We see an awesome naval style double-breasted outerwear paired with the same style pants.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (15)

Navy bomber is worn atop tailored coat and styled with green cable knit dress and navy leggings.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (16)

When it feels like wanna dress something cozy, then I suggest you to try this white, oversized faux fur vest.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (17)

That's a fantastic poncho teamed with grey, wide culottes.

Sacai Luck Pre-Fall 2015 (18)

Following parka trimmed with Mongolian lamb looks great with maxi khaki skirt.

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