Hipster Tips for 2014 or How to Become a Real Hipster

Today we are going to speak about Hipster tips for the next upcoming 2014 season. I think everyone knows that this name takes its beginning from the combination of words "to be hip." It's the clothing style, which identifies wearer's inner and outer freedom. The popularity of 21 century hipsters came in 2004.

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I personally find hipsters as a mix of different subcultures, like bohemian, hippies and grunge, it's kind of real streetwear appearance, which embraces androgynous styling. Hipsters like alternitive art which is quite progressive and original (indie rock music, arthouse movie, not well known designers). Most of hipsters have creative jobs, like photographers, designers, journalists, dj's etc.

Hipster's style attributes

Hipster's culture has some certain things, which underline its style. It's necessary to use Apple gadgets (iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook), photo cameras (lomo cameras from Lomo, Zenit, Holga, Diana F+) with fish eye lens, or SLR cameras from Canon, Leica, Zenit, Fujifilm, Yashica, Moleskine notebooks.

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Hipsters like classic haircuts with long bang or gather hair into sloppy bun on the nape. Most of times they propagandize vegetarianism and organic food. It's popular to be thin, androgynous and unisex.

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Hipster's Clothing

I like one saying about hipster's clothing style: They use to wear granny's sweaters, Bob Dylan glasses, bridge jeans and Converse sneakers.

It's a specific clothing style, which consists of contemporary fashion brands, like Zara, Topshop, H&M, Pull&Bear, Gap and KixBox mixed with handmade details.

Here, I've collected most popular garments, that are used in everyday's hipster life:

Skinnies. Skinny jeans are fitted pants made of denim, they look stylish and youthful.

Sweatshirts with prints or different kind of tees, tops and hoodies with cool letter prints, with London sightsees, fairytale animals, anyway this print has to be unique and creative

Checkered shirts. Most of hipsters have a cool masculine checkered shirt in their wardrobes, which is worn with leggings or skinnies.

Sneakers. It's the most important element in every's hipster wardrobe look. They can be yellow, green, orange and other color variations. I personally like Converse sneakers, yet they are quite expensive, so I prefer to wear other brand sneakers. There are lots of other styles of shoes, that are more formal, including slippers, loafers, topsiders, derby shoes, brogues, oxfords, desert boots, tennis shoes, espadrilles, moccasins. Girls choose shoes with massive heels or wedges.

Thick framed glasses. Plastic glasses or sunglasses look amazing on any hipster. The popular ones are from Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

Accessories. Hipsters wear bright items, like colorful headbands, colorful tights, heavy scarves, plastic bracelets, some like to wear accessories in the shape of sweets, cuff-earrings.

Most of hipsters choose tote-bags instead of handbags. It's very fashionable to wear totes with bands prints or cartoon characters. If it's a vintage bag, then it can be styled with overall look. Some wear messenger bags or satchels.

Headwear. It's trendy to wear fedora hats, homburg hats, wide-brim hats and slouchy hats.

How many hipsters do you need to change a lightbulb. You need five hipsters, as first one changes it, second shoots the action, third one writes about it on his twitter, fourth one likes it and fifth one checks in 4sq.

Some hipsters choose uggs to wear, sweaters with deer, high waisted shorts and collared shirts.

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Here I have collected some cool advices of how you can dress on different occasion:

What To Wear For Girls:

At school: wearing tee with print, A-line skirt, massive necklace, bowler hat and sneakers.

For a walk: cropped jumper, wide midi-skirt, neck scarve, vintage wathes, rucksack, rounded shape sunglasses, satchel-bag and massive platform boots.

For an evening party: tee with asymmetric silhouette, cropped denim shorts, leopard clutch and classic sneakers.

For a concert: printed top, checkered shirt, leather shorts, massive necklace and brogues

What To Wear For Boys:

At school: wear top with print, jacket, bright skinnie pants, massive watches, trilby hat and sneakers.

For a walk: tee with print, bright cardigan, skinnies, oversize bag and colorful sneakers.

For a party: colorful shirt, denim vest, shiny oversize scarf, skinnies, white frame glasses, shoulder bag and sneakers.

For a concert: black shirt, black relaxed cardigan, short white shorts with black belt and loafers.

Wear vintage garments. Hipsters like to buy clothes in vintage shops or even at second hand shops. Vintage dresses, jacket dresses, relaxed shirts. Skinnies is a must have of any hipster, some of them wear jeggings, or second skin trousers. It's better to wear black skinnies.

Hipster Looks:

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Some like 1980's and 1990's inspired tees with cartoon faces, video games and other pop culture characters. I love when I see hipsters wearing wide belts in colorful color palette, if it's eye-catchy then you are in trend.

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  1. There’s no way this trend will still be in style in 2014! It’s not appealing or attractive in the slightest. Anyone who likes this trend is nothing but a fashion sheep with no original thought. It will go out of style around 2014-2015.

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