Hand-Knitted Sweaters By Anna Dudzinska

I've got only one word to describe latest knitwear collection made by Anna Dudzinska- AMAZING! Indeed, every piece from her collection has that special touch, what makes it look very unique and luxe. The collection's name is CONCRETE GREEN, and it consists of of hand-knitted sweaters made from pure wool, meaning you will never feel chilly during cold winter days and nights. Dudzinska is based in Poland. All her collections may be described as a street style avant-garde. Each piece is handmade of high quality woolen fabrics.

Hand-Knitted Sweaters By Anna Dudzinska (1)

How many likes for this fabulous pale blue sweater-dress with a high-neck? I LOVE IT!

I am so in love with the way Dudzinska managed to show us the virgin nature touches which structures and colors are transformed onto urban language. Each knitwear piece will ideally fit your lovely street-style looks. It feels like we see vintage sweater designs, what are updated with oversized fits and modern details. All in all, if you are in search of a timeless and comfortable knitwear, then you are more than welcomed to take a closer look at these must-have items.

Hand-Knitted Sweaters By Anna Dudzinska (2)

Pale green one looks a bit heavy, but still ideal for wearing with your favorite blue blazer or denim jacket.

Hand-Knitted Sweaters By Anna Dudzinska (4)

Bright green style will ideally fit trousers or jeans. Here we see a perfect teaming with midi, flared black skirt.

Hand-Knitted Sweaters By Anna Dudzinska (3)

Gosh, that's a real must-have one! I am so in love with its exaggerated fit.

Pictures: Marcin Biedroń / A12 Team
Model: Weronika Gorecka
Hair&MUA: Magda Szarzyńska
Set Designer: Małgorzata Botor
Assistant: Michał Grzyb

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