Gucci Resort 2015

Frida Giannini behind Gucci presented resort 2015 collection which's main mantra for pre-season was “Surface and substance.” She used floral pattern which was created in a collaboration with Canadian artist Kris Knight. There are interesting echoes from fall season collection, as well as strong outerwear designs with distinct navy sailor vibe. All in all, collection is extremely versatile, as the showcased outfits ready to be worn during the day, as well as night.

Gucci Resort 2015 (1)

Gucci Resort 2015 (2)

Gucci Resort 2015 (3)

Gucci Resort 2015 (4)

Yellow shirtdress looks awesome with tortoise sunglasses:

Gucci Resort 2015 (5)

1970's inspired outfit:

Gucci Resort 2015 (6)

A simple semi-casual look. The yellow shorts look vibrant:

Gucci Resort 2015 (7)

A jean shirt is tucked in double breasted skirt. Love the Gucci monogram bag.

Gucci Resort 2015 (8)

Double breasted pastel blue coat styled with white sailor pants:

Gucci Resort 2015 (9)

Washed blue cable knitwear worn over a denim shirt and wide denim trousers:

Gucci Resort 2015 (10)

Pastel blue peacoat paired with the same color top and pleated tailored white shorts:

Gucci Resort 2015 (11)

T-shirt ensemble with a pleated skirt in pale blue looks sweet:

Gucci Resort 2015 (12)

Gucci Resort 2015 (13)

Here we see a pale blue shirt, wool striped sweater and high-waisted extremely low-slung sailor pants with statement buttons.

Gucci Resort 2015 (14)

Napa-leather-bonded coat accessorized with a spacious clutch. Love these optical circled glasses.

Gucci Resort 2015 (15)

Pretty Laurel green shirtdress.

Gucci Resort 2015 (16)

Floral button-down is tucked in wide high waisted jeans (not boyfriends).

Gucci Resort 2015 (17)

Spaghetti strap floral ensemble looks original paired with snake print boots.

Gucci Resort 2015 (18)

Quite simple black tee with butterfly print is paired with wide black leather pants.

Gucci Resort 2015 (19)

A denim shirtdress with snake print collar is paired with the same print boots.

Gucci Resort 2015 (20)

That's an eye-catching outfit: An crispy white blazer is worn over a chambray button-down which is tucked in floral print wide-leg trousers. Love the neck scarf, which accentuates the pure elegance.

Gucci Resort 2015 (21)

An elegant black coat with statement silvery buttons looks marvelous with a pale blue neck scarf. Love the book-like handbag and circled sunglasses with yellow lenses.

Gucci Resort 2015 (22)

White peacoat is worn with cable knit sweater, chambray shirt tucked in slim-fit camel pants and styled with silver shoes.

Gucci Resort 2015 (24)

A simple fitted orange tee is tucked in white, loose-fit baggy trousers with statement silver buttons. Love this spacious handbag.

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