Grunge Is Back

What else is there? Grunge is back! It's back with bold and eye-catching must-haves. In today's post we are going to observe top 12 must-have grunge looks to try on this year. I've been stunned by the creativity, individuality and simplicity of the following outfits. Here are shown great Polyvore sets, ideal for casual everyday wear, cool weekends, disco clubs, various parties and music festivals. I was impressed by the way how these garments are combined one with another. You are going to see stripes, khaki olive colors, slim jeans, ripped denim, chunky sandals, shiny fabrics and edgy accessories. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these Polyvore sets and choose our favorites. Tell me what sets would you buy for yourself.

Chic Grunge Style (1)

When you don't wanna stand out from the crowd, but you do want something eye-catchy, then try black and white striped T-shirt worn with black denim skirt and topped by a cool khaki green parka. Speaking of accessories, then I suggest you to wear cool lace-up slip-ons and folded clutch.

Chic Grunge Style (2)

If you are one of those babes who likes minimalistic looks, then go for a grey sporty looking straight-fit dress which can be updated with cool black aviator sunglasses, silvery rings, strappy booties and awesome black leather pouch bag.

Chic Grunge Style (3)

Keep it simple and casually cool. Grab a nice striped T-shirt, sporty black shorts, black sandals, black clutch and rounded sunglasses.

Chic Grunge Style (4)

When 90's are back! Pull on slim-fit jeans in light blue, black high-neck tank and high-sole black sandals.

Chic Grunge Style (5)

Speaking of simplicity, then I suggest you to try on these black jeans, grey crop top and chunky footwear.

Chic Grunge Style (6)

When you want to be in center of everyone's attention, then you better try this silver wrap skirt, black asymmetric cut tank top and bright accessories.

Chic Grunge Style (7)

Another simple, but awesome look. We see a black shift worn underneath denim jacket and styled with high sole lace-up slip-ons.

Chic Grunge Style (8)

If you are one of those ladies who want to combine grunge with tomboy, then I advice you to try on cuffed and ripped light blue jeans with white crop top and mannish white shoes with metallic toe.

Chic Grunge Style (9)

That's what I call black and white essentials. In love with black ribbed knit sweater, dotted mini skirt and edgy accessories.

Chic Grunge Style (10)

Suede and embellished booties look great with simple black skinnies and printed shirt.

Chic Grunge Style (11)

Striped tee and black mini skirt combo looks pretty cool with black suede booties, black mini bag and cool accessories.

Chic Grunge Style (12)

In this set I like long waistcoat and ripped black skinnies.

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