Go Modern, Urban Sporty & Military In KOONHOR Fall 2015

I've never seen so many trends in one single collection. Please welcome KOONHOR Autumn 2015 collection of women's modern style clothes. For its cold season brand takes a utilitarian approach – in unexpected mediums made new and the elevation of the ordinary to the extraordinary. KOONHOR's woman is a very individual person, who is ready to experiment with functionality. Personally, my first thoughts about these clothes were like an elegant post-apocalyptic fashion garments, but then I started to look more closely, so I called these outfits modern, urban sporty and military. What really excited me, then it's the way these edgy clothes are transformed into something desirable, luxurious, and exquisitely special.

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (1)

A totally black look is something that you really need this year. Model appears in a black cargo cashmere-blend wool jacket with detachable-sleeves worn atop black paillette-paneled drawstring shirt teamed with black cotton-blend elastic skirt. Update this dark outfit by adding cool black-crispy white boots.

The color palette includes army green, rusty copper, navy, rich blue, grey, black and white, as well as touches of soft pink. Speaking of clothes, then the key pieces include industrial dresses, jackets, boxy sweatshirts, cargo jackets, and overalls accessorized with multi-functional pockets, elasticized drawstrings, sleek gunmetal buckles, and parachute gear details. I am so in love with those cool elbow patches what appear in basic sweatdresses. KOONHOR woman remains to be sophisticated, edgy, but also ladylike.

That's a fabulous looking outfit. It consists of a dark blue chevron-knit jumper dress, black elongated shirt. Complete the look by adding a kind of "bulletproof" brown vest (faux-leather overalls top) and knee-length black-white boots with block heels:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (2)

Brown glossy leather vest looks ideal worn atop crispy white sleeveless blouse teamed with wool copper pencil skirt and black-white boots. Update this outfit by adding bright blue utility leather shoulder bag:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (3)

Keep things urban and sophisticated. Try on grey sweatshirt-dress with brown leather elbow patches, attached pocket patches and cropped "bulletproof" brown leather overalls top:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (4)

Keep things simple, urban and sporty. Try on flocked-lurex drawstring shirt in navy/copper styled with faux-leather pocket and mesh-paneled sweatshirt in navy color. Complete the look by adding denim elastic skirt in blue denim:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (5)

Say hello to military look. We see quilted-panel cotton-blend dress in army green worn atop black laminate-print cotton-jersey T-shirt styled with blue colored utility leather bag:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (6)

Make some fun with this outfit. Try on detachable wool-blend plaid overalls with faux-leather culottes in blue plaid/black. Complete the look by adding faux-leather drawstring top in black color:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (7)

Maxi? Why not! Go for faux-leather and wool-blend plaid blazer in blue-black plaid print styled with laminated pleat-panel stretch-cotton shirt and wool-blend extremely wide pants in black-blue plaid print:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (8)

Faux-leather overalls top in black leather looks fabulous worn with color-block cotton-blend shirt in army green color with black details. Complete the outfit by adding army green cotton-blend elastic skirt:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (9)

We see a wool-blend plaid cropped jacket styled with detachable wool-blend plaid overalls and faux-leather culottes in black color. Complete the outfit by adding utility leather bag in blue:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (10)

There is kind of dark vibe in this outfit. We see sleeveless cashmere-blend wool jacket in black color styled with quilted-panel cotton-blend dress in black color. The look is completed thanks to utility leather bag in bronze color:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (11)

We see detachable-collar cotton-blend drawstring dress in black and green colors worn with stretch-cotton drawstring top and wide-leg trousers:

KOONHOR Fall 2015 (12)

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