George Keburia Resort 2015

Not so long time ago, I got mail from George Keburia who is a fashion designer from Tbilisi, Georgia. I tell you honestly, I've never heard about him, but once I saw the images I told to myself, that I must share with you his recent Resort 2015 collection of women's transitional garments. The collection's name is 愛しています, looks weird, right? But thanks to google translate I know what doest it means. From Japan language it means "I love you" and it pronounces like: aishitemasu. Anyway, it's enough for Japan language studies, as I'd like to say couple words about the following collection. So, the pre-season features bright and colorful polka dots, stripes and hieroglyphs. There is no distinct inspiration for Keburia, as he looks at people, papers, music and art, which makes that special drive to share his thoughts through fashion. It's kind of minimal direction, where designer uses classy colors, masculine shapes and feminine details.

George Keburia Resort 2015 (1)

Cropped wide-leg trousers are paired with an awesome striped pullover in blue color with Japanese words: I love you.

That's my favorite black loose-fit dress cinched at the waist with a statement belt:

George Keburia Resort 2015 (2)

Vertical skinny striped sweatshirt is paired with short sleeves is worn with above-the-knee shorts:

George Keburia Resort 2015 (3)

Black and white striped top is styled with loose-fit slightly baggy trousers:

George Keburia Resort 2015 (4)

Belted black and white striped sweat-dress is a perfect and versatile piece for wearing at work or parties:

George Keburia Resort 2015 (5)

Keep it fresh and girlish by wearing this kind of belted polka dot dress:

George Keburia Resort 2015 (6)

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