Futuristic Neoclassicism In Tags Fall-Winter 2015-2016

I've got something special for you tonight. I have found an incredible, young Italian brand named Tags. In today's post we are going to observe its latest Autumn 2015 season collection. The individuality, formal shape and modern cuts make this label look special. Personally, I am in love with its tailored garments, what makes it easy to combine and experiment with your everyday looks. The Winter 2015-2016 season was inspired by the matrix, space-time gap, what overlaps past and present. We are going to see voluminous wrapover skirts, incredible peplum dresses, pretty jackets, wrap coats, burgundy maxi skirts, etc.

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I am so in love with this model's baby face. I am so in love with this leather jacket.

The color palette is chromatic, featuring dusty silver effects, optical white, as well as natural earthy shades. Speaking of details, then you gonna be surprised by the variety of peplums, metallic elements, sheer areas, satin-like materials, asymmetrical cuts, vertical and horizontal folds, layerings, zips and belts. Workmanship and innovative coating with ruffled effect tell the story of a futuristic neoclassicism.

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The vest, white tee tucked in maxi skirt in burgundy color, everything is so must-have!

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Everything looks just fine! Only one thing distracts my eyes and it's the military boots.

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Can't say why, but there is kind of scuba touch in this optical white look (jacket plus shorts)

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If you asked me how does tailored modern grunge looks like, then I would show you this black colored outfit.

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Photographer: Marco D'Amico
Styling: Marco Grisolia
Model: Lauren Bigelow
Make-up: Grazia Carbone

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