Future Sports In MONOCHROME Fall 2015 Collection

The Future is NOW! Please welcome MONOCHROME latest Autumn 2015 season 'REPLICANTS' collection of men's and women's futuristic sportswear basics. The fusion of future makes every single piece look sophisticated and extremely functional. Brand's free and innovative vision allowed designers to combine contemporary fashion with the various art forms and details.

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (1)

Replicants are among us! I am so in love with Monochrome black color outfits. Look sophisticated and so must-have!

Speaking of clothes, then I see great sweatsets, long bomber jackets and tailored blazers. All the showcased styles are genderless, singular and timeless. Every single piece can be worn anywhere and by anyone. You can see by yourself that every garment is practical and modish. MONOCHROME tried to create modern looks what are made to function within an urban setting. Personally, I love the use of technical fabrics, waxed cotton and waterproof materials. My favorite is the metallic silvery detailing. Apparel comes in classic color palette, including black, grey and burgundy. It's not conceptual, it's ready to wear and functional.

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (2)

Male model appears in a black wrap tailored coat with silver metallic details on the sleeves. In love with metallic silvery pants.

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (3)

The burgundy jacket comes with a stunning back! What do you think?

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (4)

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (5)

The back-side of brand's jackets is simply awesome! Love this one, looks futuristic.

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (6)

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (7)

The elongated black bomber is an extremely functional topper. You can wear it with anything you want.

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (8)

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (9)

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (10)

We see a tailored elongated bomber, what is waterproof.

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (11)

A perfect sweat-set for sports and street walks.

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (12)

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (13)

MONOCHROME Fall 2015 (14)

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