Functional & Modern Looking Rucksacks By Haenska

The identity of HÄNSKA comes from its creators hearts. Berlin-based studio Haenska presents rucksacks handmade by talented craftsmen/women. If you are one of those ladies and boys who wears backpacks everywhere he/she goes, then this is a perfect design to fit your everyday life. I am so in love with this original looking CATAMARAN Rucksack that is simple, subtle and versatile. This bag has undergone many changes and improvements.

Haenska functional bags (1)

Why is it so special? It might be because of the design that was inspired by the folding technique of a simple envelope. It can be closed in two ways, creating contrasting shapes and different storage volumes (!). There are three different sizes available now. The colors and materials vary, offering us different combinations. Another aspect of its popularity gained is the creative marriage of industrial-, product- and fashion design. The team gave themselves a space for experimentation. I am so in love with these accessories geometric shapes. The potential client of this bag is the man/woman who has an active lifestyle, work and who's a real adventurer.

Haenska functional bags (2)

Haenska functional bags (3)

Haenska functional bags (4)

Haenska functional bags (5)

Haenska functional bags (6)

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