Fonnesbech Spring-Summer 2015

Let me share with you some of the best looks from Fonnesbech and its Spring-Summer 2015 season collection, which is entitled 'A' (which is the first collection from the new-old Fonnebech) was presented during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The spring season was inspired by the architectural embodiment of the Fonnesbech family heritage. Label's designer Celina Fonnesbech (who is the sixth generation of Fonnesbech family) made these looks in a collaboration with designer Mette Julie Bundgaard-Nielsen. It's so exciting to see old signature touches from Fonnesbech, which are combined with new and modern techniques and shapes, while the old values are saved and have the same breath and spirit.

Fonnesbech Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

The elegant biker-inspired jacket looks elegant worn atop sky blue below the knee dress, which is styled with pointed toe light pink pumps.

Fonnesbech Spring-Summer 2015 (2)

This pale pink trench-coat is a real must-have for ladies who want to look modern and elegant.

Fonnesbech Spring-Summer 2015 (3)

That's a fantastic combination, which includes a pale pink sleeveless, light coat, sleeveless white shirt-dress worn atop light pink trousers.

Fonnesbech Spring-Summer 2015 (4)

Spaghetti strap below the knee ensemble in creative prints is an awesome piece for lounging in the weekends.

Fonnesbech Spring-Summer 2015 (5)

Fonnesbech Spring-Summer 2015 (6)

That's an ideal grey pantsuit for those ladies who are real business entrepreneurs. Love the way it's styled with blue, suede booties.

Fonnesbech Spring-Summer 2015 (7)

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