Fendi Resort 2015

I have chosen the best looks from Fendi resort 2015 collection, that's why I'd like to share them with you. So, the next pre-season comes with contrasts and playful motifs, like sleeveless short and maxi black dresses, oversized white shift designs, which remind me of sporty tees, macro graphic floral print, polka dots and other futuristic touches. The real beauty is found in handbags. You are about to see updated ‘By the Way bag‘ in python and polka dots, new tri color Demi Jour shoulder bag, as well as new large plexi Fendi logo clutches. Fashion model Binx looks sophisticated in these creative, contrasting color looks. I personally love those Pop Art and graffiti-like prints which are comeback from 1988's. Anyway, let's see these luxe sportswear meets modern designs and digital prints collection.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (1)

Patchwork leather biker jacket styled with black leather skirt in red polka dots.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (4)

Bright orange wide culottes paired with cropped polka dot top.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (5)

A sporty fitted blazer is styled with a matching skirt.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (6)

Graffiti-like 1988's inspired print appears on mesh top and matching jogging pants.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (8)

How about this bold deconstructed graphic print urban track suit.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (9)

White dress in yellow polka dots is worn with cropped racer jacket.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (11)

A special occasion dress looks marvelous.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (12)

How about wearing a sporty pantsuit with untucked button down.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (13)

Here we see a sweet dark navy two-piece dress with high-waisted knife-pleated skirt.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (14)

Loose-fit cape-like coat in fur.

Fendi Resort (Pre-Spring) 2015 (15)

That's a statement belted short coat-dress.

Styling: Charlotte Stockdale
Photography courtesy of Fendi

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