Fashion ideas for him and her

As fall is coming closer and the summer season is coming to an end it is time to put your summer dresses away and search your wardrobe for some warm an cosy cloth to wear in the cold temperatures. As temperatures vary quite a bit in the month of august and September it is always worth wearing a coat and carrying an umbrella with you in your bag. Jewelry and accessories fit into any season, but at the same time have to be chosen according to it.

Fashion ideas for him and her 2018

Fashion ideas for him and her 2018 /
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Fall Fashion for Her

Different than in summer the fall fashion is represented by dark colors. Violet, dark red, dark green and anything in this color range is very popular for the season. A new trend includes shiny gold and silver as colors for the fall, but they should only be worn by women with the suitable skin tone. Wearing Jeans is an easy way to dress if you don't know what to wear, but how about trying something new?! Wearing a skirt or a short dress with black tights underneath it always will end up in an interesting and sexy outfit. To stand out from the crowd you might want to wear at least one flashy thing, like a colorful hat or scarf. In addition jewelry and accessories can really enhance your look. For example fashionable vintage watches like these can really complete an outfit. But at the same time it is important not too wear too much jewelry, otherwise it is just stealing the gleam of the outfit. Depending on the occasion and dress a dark brown or black handbag, fitting to your similar colored boots or high heels, is the perfect accessory to express your style. Sweat shirts should not be worn outside of your home (and maybe not even there). A fashionable alternative would be a pullover, but it has to be classy without pockets and no hood.

Fashion ideas for him and her 2018

Fashion ideas for him and her 2018

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Fall Fashion for Him

Man have it a bit easier than women. Similar as with women they can wear jeans to nearly any occasion without looking sloppy. Yet for a black tie dinner or business related situations wearing jeans is very inappropriate. The classic black suit trousers and suit jacket, are also in the fall a very popular look. Grey and dark silver are also acceptable colors. For casual usage you can wear any kind of brown, black or grey colors, from very light to very dark and mix and match trousers and jackets. A turtle neck pullover or a scarf are options to consider. Man nowadays shouldn't feel ashamed of wearing a handbag as it looks very stylish and is very handy. Some other popular accessories men to wear are for example glasses (nerd glasses especially) and watches with a leather bracelet. Guys do also have a larger variety of shoes to choose from, but classy suit shoes are always a good choice and never grow out of style. Last season a lot of guys left the top two buttons on their shirts unbuttoned and therefore showed more skin. It still is a popular look, but like said before, wearing a pullover might be a better choice, especially in the colder months. Middle-long hair, glasses and a beard are the real fashion newcomers this season. Contrary to the past where everyone was hiding the fact that they had bad eye vision by wearing contacts, this season glasses are great accessory to every outfit. Brad Pitt is the perfect role model there.

Fashion ideas for him and her 2018

Fashion ideas for him and her 2018

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Summer Fashion for Her

As mentioned before in the summer season people love wearing colorful bright cloth in green, yellow, red and other colors that remind them of the wacky world outside. A beautiful blouse or summer dress with funny shapes printed on it or a fully dotted pattern is an all-time classic for the summer season. For the more classy and posh ladies big sunglasses and even bigger hats (like you often see them during the horse racing competitions in England) are a must. Combining them with a pearl necklace and some beautiful gem earrings completes the perfect classy outfit. For the more casual dress, funny prints and strangely shaped accessories are the best choice. From rings that look like strawberries to prints of Mickey Mouse on your bag - the flashier, the better. Same as in fall, nerd glasses are a very nice add-on to your outfit, also in summer. Necklaces made out of dark stones and gems are a strong contrast to the bright and colorful dresses. The swimming suit fashion has also changed with the previous year. When looking through all the fashion magazines the first thing to hit the eye is that all the swimming suits are much more colorful. Orange, yellow, red and other colored stripes join together to create a flamboyant look. In addition, instead of having two separate swim suit pieces in the new season it is trendy to wear one combined piece. Wearing ponytails instead of fixing your hair up is the next summer trend.

Fashion ideas for him and her 2018

Fashion ideas for him and her 2018

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Summer Fashion for Him

Mens' summer outfits are partly similar to the female ones in the sense that both of them should be very flashy, with many interesting prints and strange combinations of colors. Especially T-shirts with weird prints and writings to show ones personal position towards society, politics and religion are trendy. Those who don't want to criticize in general or are just the rebellion type can get shirts with funny messages like "F*** Google, ask me!". There isn't much to say about swimwear for men. The typical boxers in various colors are never going out of fashion. A shirt, shorts with flip-flops or chucks would be the usual casual outfit for the summer season. Add a motley watch and a pair of nerd glasses and you are ready for summer.

Obviously everyone has his own style and shouldn't try to copy anyone else. These are only suggestions and can be taken as an advise if needed.

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