Fashion-Forward And Relaxed Looks In Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015

Today we are going to observe Croatian design duo Andreja Bristricic and Maja Merlic who presented this year their label's Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 season's runway show. The new collection from creative duo includes three distinct key inspirations: where the first one is the original tattoos embellished upon an underground Catholic society of Croatian elders, the second one is the culture of the original skinhead generation in the 1960’s and the third inspiration comes from the fascinating lives of woman who were covered head to toe in tattoos during 1920’s. So, Dioralop delivers highly deconstructed and visually captivating. The black and white pattern graphics were created from chemically manipulated Polaroid pictures. I personally felt in love with combination of subcultures and street fashion that appear in this collection. Hope you will like this collection the same as me.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 5

The female model appears on the catwalk wearing totally patterned look what includes a jacket, shirt and shortened pants worn with high sole pointed-toe black glossy shoes.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 1

The printed 1/2 sleeve blouse with shirt-collar is tucked in high-waisted asymmetric cut pencil skirt with a patch black pocket.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 2

That's a closer look at the futuristic black pouch bag. You can try it on with your everyday essentials:

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 3

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 4

The cocoon like T-shirt with wide short sleeves is teamed with creative skirt and rock-and-roll mannish flat shoes in black color with metallic studs.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 6

The wet-haired model appears on the runway sporting ankle-length shapeless ensemble with a side black patch pocket. Love those high-sole glossy pointy shoes.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 7

There is kind of sportiness in this relaxed, loose-fit look. The elongated, creative look bomber is teamed with pleated black trousers and flat leather shoes.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 8

The loose-fit short-sleeve button-down is worn with wide-leg culottes and glossy flat shoes wit high-soles.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 9

Here we see a black outfit what includes creative cut black shirt and maxi wide-leg trousers.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 10

Here we see functional and creative look must-have bags:

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 11

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 12

The following black ensemble looks awesome. Try it on for creative parties and special occasions.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 13

That's a wow effect elongated white cream jacket embellished with patch emblems.

Dioralop Spring-Summer 2015 14

Croatian design duo Andreja Bristricic and Maja Merlic.

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