Exaggerated And Functional Outerwear In NUBU Fall 2015

Designers Judit Garam and Adél Kovács behind NUBU were inspired by Vera Molnár's tetragonal constructions while creating their latest Autumn 2015 collection. The fabrics, forms and colors, everything evokes the painter's works. What is so special about NUBU fall collection, anyway? Personally, I like a kind of nomad minimalistic layering touch, which looks both modern, shapeless and sophisticated.

NUBU Fall 2015 (1)

I love the way belts are crossed under the wide plies. Designers put an emphasis on coats, offering us different style and fabrics choices. Don't forget about extraordinary details that characterize the brand. We are going to see hand knit details combined with silk, textiles are woven spatially chequered, quilted in squares, or printed with expressionist patterns. I am pretty sure these pieces will strengthen your personality and carry the characteristics of NUBU. All in all, if you want to combine comfort with function, simplicity with minimalistic cuts, then I would recommend to take a closer look at these awesome Winter 2015-2016 creations.

NUBU Fall 2015 (2)

The exaggerated shape and minimalistic touch makes this outfit look sophisticated.

NUBU Fall 2015 (3)

These two robe-coats will ideally match your formal and smart-casual essentials.

NUBU Fall 2015 (4)

Grey colored dress and matching color belted robe-coat are great choices for your next investment.

These quilted black bags are so must-have! Really, I recommend you to buy one of them:

NUBU Fall 2015 (5)

NUBU Fall 2015 (6)


Photographer: Balázs Máté @ Flashback - www.balazsmate.com
Models: Anna Pichler, Isidora Dukic @ VM
Makeup: Timi Vozák
Hair: Márk Károlyi

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