Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50

We have already spoke about formal apparel for women over 50 and today I want to show you best everyday clothing ideas for women over fifty. The first rule is to let go of baggy garments which weigh you down. Indeed, try to buy apparel which makes you look fresh and cute, like fitted and bright color tops, as well as adding bright accessories with sparkling details. Never wear drab and boring looks, it's better to try on flattering and slim-fit styles. I personally advice you to accentuate your natural curves and purchase slimming garments. Well, talking about shapeless tops, boxy sweaters, roomy blouses and outerwear, then, everything depends on your shape and personal tastes, since most of these styles are more suitable for younger generation. Anyway, you can always try on wrap blouse to add an edgy appearance. Look for patterned knits in cashmere, mohair and rich yarn. Some women go for long, elongated cardigans, which add that special layering effect to your overall look. The most important thing in 50's women wardrobe is to choose ageless spirit, which will make you look 10 years younger. That's why I have made this awesome Polyvore compilation of sophisticated and trendy clothing sets:

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (1)

How about slim fit jeans, lace blouse (or you can try on white turtleneck), double-breasted tailored jacket and high boots.

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (2)

Some ladies love monochrome styles. Try on white skinnies, plaid loose-fit top and lace, fringed poncho.

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (3)

Another casual and simple update includes purple loose-fit cape-top, ripped skinnies, brown bag and pointed toe black heels.

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (4)

If you want to update your wardrobe and you want something sporty and oversized, then try on loose-fit, pale-blue shirt over crispy A-line skirt. Don't forget about transparent cat-eye sunglasses and sporty sneakers.

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (5)

The vintage look is a favorite style for most of women over 50, that's why try on some really awesome, individual pieces to update your everyday look.

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (6)

Another great look is the following outfit, which includes a wrap coat, loose-fit top, thigh-high boots and spacious envelope clutch.

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (7)

Some women choose simple tee-dresses and floral, light-weight cardigans on, as seen in the image above.

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (8)

Another vintage, retro style outfit which is ideal for casual days and laid-back weekends.

Everyday Clothing Ideas For Women Over 50 (9)

The loose-fit pants in black color look awesome styled with sheer printed shirt styled with classic, pointed-toe pumps.

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  1. Great clothes but where can they be found ? Links would be an excellent addition.

  2. I agree with Laney. Where can these products be found?

  3. Well again I found a beautiful post for women’s over 50. My mother’s sister is now in 53 and soon he will be touching 54 in New Year. So I was thinking for present ideas for her and after read this post I got good ideas on that. Unlike every time this time also I want to shop such clothing’s for her from my favourite online store as “yeytrend”.

  4. Great post! I am a junior high school teacher and your ideas were great.

  5. Great styles posted esp. for gals still working. For retiree ladies, it is mostly active wear in my circle with stylish athletic shoes in subdued colors. The new poly (silk like) tops: t’s and sleeveless worn under shirts are daily attire along with capri pants or cotton pants, rarely I dress up for any activity. Love the newer palazzo pants, try to stick with black and white or darker blue worn to church mainly.

  6. Yes, spike-heeled over-the-knee boots. Perfect for my everyday life.

  7. I love some of the looks, but at 55 wearing the torn jeans just does not work. Unless they are my old Levi’s and I’m gardening, they look like I’m wearing my daughter’s jeans. Also, I can’t wear the sky high heals anymore. Loved them in my 20’s, 30’s and even early 40’s, but just can’t do it anymore. Skinny jeans, over the knee boats, and sky high heals are not practical for a 55 year old women still working. I guess if you’re lunching and shopping on 5th Ave. they would, but otherwise not so much.

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