Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015

London based fashion brand Être Cécile reveals its pre-Spring 2015 collection of women's French inspired contemporary sports clothing. The inspiration comes from 1979 cult classic "The Warriors," and French style. We see ready to wear basics that are cool enough for wearing in the streets, work and home. New pre-collection features a range of relaxed sweaters, French style sweatshirts, denim, versatile outerwear, including parkas, tailored coats and oversized bombers, as well as tees with quirky prints and abstract designs. There is kind of Tomboy touch in almost every piece that can be mixed and matched with various layers and details. Overall, it's the perfect marriage of Parisian spirit with gangs and humor details.

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (1)

Models are posing in sweatshirts that are perfect for wearing in your everyday life.

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (2)

How about mannish silhouettes? Here we see slim-fit pullover worn atop A-line black midi skirt, rich blue tailored coat worn atop white simple tee and cropped black trousers, as well as cozy, elongated sweater paired with A-line rich blue midi-skirt.

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (3)

My personal favorites from the following looks are the one that includes a rich blue pullover teamed with black A-line midi skirt and the dusted green coat styled with office attire.

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (4)

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (5)

How about sporty elements in your everyday life? Try on white pullover with black leggings or wide V-neck sweater with track pants. What do you think of the loose-fit navy dress with white stripes.

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (6)

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (7)

The kiss lips print appears on sweaters, tees and pullovers. I love that hooded and cropped dusted green pea-coat.

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (8)

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (9)

Être Cécile Pre-Spring 2015 (10)

My favorite from this picture are outerwear designs and that striped turtleneck.

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