Draped Minimalist Clothing In divka Fall 2015

If you do love draped clothes and minimalist style, then you gonna love latest Autumn 2015 collection made by Tokyo based fashion brand divka. New season is entitled 'face.' The process of research and experiments were put as a starting point.

divka Fall 2015 (1)

This black draped coat looks big, impressive and so must-try!

Just imagine, divka creators had a certain design and idea in their minds and drafts, but through various researches and draping experiments during production process their creations lead them to digression from a main course to create such amazing looks. It's a very impressive work. Just imagine, your creations differ from your expectations in a good way. All in all, brand create clothes that are yet to be known – even by divka.

divka Fall 2015 (2)

divka Fall 2015 (3)

This look reminds me of a post-apocalyptic look from a kind of TV-series.

divka Fall 2015 (4)

Relaxed fit shift-dress in a creative print looks very individual.

divka Fall 2015 (5)

We see a modern black pea-coat worn atop matching color relaxed fit turtleneck sweater styled with printed trousers.

divka Fall 2015 (6)

A slouchy printed sleeveless dress looks ideal and perfect for creative parties wear.

divka Fall 2015 (8)

This outfit is great for casual walks in town. We see draped grey jacket worn atop slouchy cream-grey long dress.

divka Fall 2015 (9)

We see a cream-grey look consisting of a bulky cardigan paired with maxi dress.

divka Fall 2015 (10)

Black-white blurred print shirt-dress will ideally fit your everyday clothes.

divka Fall 2015 (11)

Another post-apocalyptic look. Draped black jacket is worn atop maxi dress.

divka Fall 2015 (12)

The same look, but this time jacket is opened.

divka Fall 2015 (13)

divka Fall 2015 (14)

divka Fall 2015 (15)

divka Fall 2015 (16)

Keep it dark, sophisticated and edgy. Try on a draped black coat atop your layered maxi gown.

divka Fall 2015 (17)

divka Fall 2015 (18)

divka Fall 2015 (19)

How about wearing this grey-beige draped minimalistic coat?

divka Fall 2015 (20)

divka Fall 2015 (21)

We see a casual pantsuit ideal for wearing in your everyday life. In love with draped suit-jacket.

divka Fall 2015 (22)

divka Fall 2015 (23)

divka Fall 2015 (24)

There is kind of mannish touch in this tailored grey charcoal coat styled with beige-grey trousers.

divka Fall 2015 (25)

Elongated charcoal grey long-sleeve top looks awesome styled with long black skirt.

divka Fall 2015 (26)

Sheepskin draped aviator jacket in cream-beige looks ideal.

divka Fall 2015 (27)

This is a must-try coat. I am so in love with its high-neck and diagonal side zipper closure.

divka Fall 2015 (28)

divka Fall 2015 (29)

A fully black look, consisting of a draped black wool coat and black separates. Complete the outfit by wearing lace-up combat boots.

divka Fall 2015 (30)

divka Fall 2015 (31)

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