Cycleland Fall 2014 Collection

Not so long time ago I've received an email from Brazil fashion brand Cycleland which presents its Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season's collection. The label's owner and creative director Naly Cabral is based in São Paulo. She studied at Santa Catarina State University and graduated in 2012. Every piece from her collections is produced in Brazil. Anyway, I'd like to share with you hers latest collection entitled Carbono (Carbon). The new season's collection features Wabi-Sabi aesthetic (Wikipedia: a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection), which is seen in every garment. I like the simplicity, different textures, clean lines and shapes which appear in every piece. The monochromatic color palette features khaki, oxblood shaded white and grey. I've picked my favorites from the lookbook and hope you will like each one of the showcased styles the same as me.

Cycleland Fall 2014 Collection (1)

Here we see curly male model wearing simple and relaxed white tee with grey print paired with knee-length grey shorts and yellow striped black socks worn with grey slip-ons.

Cycleland Fall 2014 Collection (2)

That's a sporty athletic suit which features a zipper jacket and shorts. The suit is paired with red striped black socks and burnt red casual shoes.

Cycleland Fall 2014 Collection (3)

The female model with wavy locks appears in a printed grey pullover with burnt red details which is tucked in high-waisted sweat shorts and styled with burnt red casual slip-ons.

Cycleland Fall 2014 Collection (4)

Wide turtleneck sweat-dress with burnt red details looks comfy and trendy.

Cycleland Fall 2014 Collection (5)

How about wearing a cropped burnt red turtleneck top with sharp shoulders is styled with khaki-grey sweatpants.

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