Corrado Giuspino Timeless Jewelry For Women

Today's story is Corrado Giuspino- a jewelery designer and master of contemporary accessories. His passion are those 1920s, 1930s and 1940s years, as well as Orient influence, which is seen through pearls, jade, onyx and semi-precious stones. What I love about his works, then it's the professional combination of colors and shapes, where each piece looks unique and creative. His works are well known worldwide. I'd like to share with you my favorite styles, which are perfect for wearing at work and special occasions. Believe me, once you purchase one these stunning pieces, I guarantee, it will make you satisfied for a long period of time. Every customer will find here something special and be happy with.

Corrado Giuspino cocktail rings

These are timelessly chic and cool cocktail earrings for evening parties and special occasions. I think these styles will surely suit your New Year's Eve dress.

1 Corrado Giuspino gold sculpture ring

The gold sculpture rings will surely underline your beauty and individuality.

1 Corrado Giuspino pearl jade diamond onyx bracelet

Here we see pearl and jade diamond onyx bracelet will make you look special at any event, starting from prom nights to formal dinners.

2 Corrado Giuspino white and brown diamond pavè ring

The following white and brown diamond pavè ring will for sure make you noticed at any place and any time.

3 Corrado Giuspino white and brown diamond pavè earrings

You can add these stunning earrings to make your overall look brighter. I highly recommend to team them with your best black gown.

6 Corrado Giuspino black onyx cocktail ring

The black onyx ring is an ideal jewelry for everyday wear. You can wear it at work, universities, as well as after work cocktail hours.

8a Corrado Giuspino jade and diamond earrings

Jade and diamond earrings are great for boho chic outfits. Try them on paired with layered clothing.

9 Corrado Giuspino carved jadeite ring

12 Corrado Giuspino amethyst and blue topaz brooch

Here we see gorgeous amethyst and blue topaz brooch which is perfect for wearing with modern separates and sporty accessories.

13 Corrado Giuspino Amethyst and blue topaz earrings

17 Corrado Giuspino rose gold and brown diamond ring

18 Corrado Giuspino rose gold brown diamond earrings

19 Corrado Giuspino brown diamond ring

This brown diamond ring will surely add a glamout flair to your overall outfit. You can easily team it with your classic separates.

22 Corrado Giuspino jadeite and carrè diamond ring

23 Corrado Giuspino jadeite and carrè diamond earrings

Corrado Giuspino Grey South Sea pearl and white and green diamond earrings

Keep it sophisticated and try on the following grey south sea pearl and white and green diamond earrings and ring set:

Corrado Giuspino Grey South Sea pearl, white and green diamond ring

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