Contemporary Urban Essentials In Kostüme Fall 2015

Designers Camila Milessi and Emiliano Blanco behind Kostüme presented their Autumn 2015 season collection. This season was inspired by Olympic Russian athletes from the seventies. It consists of slim neoprene dresses, tight leggins, web fabrics and crop tops matched with faux-fur coats and capes in bright blue and black.

Kostüme Fall 2015 (1)

The collection consists of functional clothing with complex design, yet simplistic shapes. Speaking of color palette, then we see black, grey, white, blue and dark-navy shades. I love the way monochrome reigns every outfit, contrasting with one or two colors that strategically outline the design. Kostüme keeps that complicated urban style touch, what is modern, minimalistic and sophisticated.

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Brand's name Kostüme in German means "clothing, dress", that's why designers express their creative freedom in every season. The city is one of brand's identities. The free-flowing silhouettes create new forms and shapes, what ideally underline humans uniqueness. The clothes don't tighten the skin, making your moves very comfortable. This Winter 2015-2016 season designs are timeless, as every piece has a daring and elegant look, what will always make its wearer stand-out from the crowd.

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Male model appears in a grey colored denim maxi cape-coat. The slouchy fit makes it look like a post-apocalyptic outerwear.

Kostüme Fall 2015 (6)

Fashion model appears in a cropped high-neck poncho in grey denim fabric. You can wear it atop black dress or pair it with your casual separates.

Kostüme Fall 2015 (8)

A black furry dress looks marvelous! Try it on atop deep blue long-sleeve top.

Kostüme Fall 2015 (9)

Kostüme Fall 2015 (10)

Furry black asymmetric cut midi cape looks awesome styled with wide ankle-length deep blue trousers and black boots.

Kostüme Fall 2015 (12)

Kostüme Fall 2015 (11)

Kostüme Fall 2015 (13)

The same black colored furry cape can be worn by men.

Kostüme Fall 2015 (14)

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