Contemporary Designs In 1981 Edition 02/2015 CHIAROSCURO

Contemporary Ghanaian fashion brand 1981 presents its Edition 02/2015 CHIAROSCURO collection. Milan, Italy based Ghanaian fashion designer Nana K. Brenu behind the brand continues to explore the Chiaroscuro art (it's his second exploration). The focus was placed interpretation the contrast between between light and dark form a graphical point of view. This time designer was inspired by the works of James Turrell and artist Bridget Riley, creating unique prints.

1981 (1)

You are going to see non-traditional contrasting color palette, including mint green, petunia and creole pink. The choice of such color palette is nonrandom, as Nana K. Brenu gave a modern translation of the Chiaroscuro theme. New collection's silhouettes expressed continued exploration of volume whereby volume becomes more dynamic, as the wearer starts to move.

1981 (2)

1981 (3)

1981 (4)

This pale violet look is a perfect choice for your everyday wear.

1981 (5)

We see a pretty collarless coat in light black color.

1981 (6)

An ideal outfit for your business working hours. I am so in love with this collarless V-neck sky blue jacket paired with below-the-knee black skirt.

1981 (7)

1981 (8)

The relaxed look makes this outfit look functional and versatile. Love the maxi wide trousers and flowy, long blouse.

1981 (9)

1981 (10)

Why do I like 1981 creations? For its detailing and fits.

1981 (11)

There is kind of sporty touch in this blush colored look. We see fitted jacket styled with wide-leg maxi trousers.

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