Complicated Minimalism In David Catalan Fall 2015

David Catalan shared with us his Autumn 2015 season campaign shots. The collection's name is 'No Signal.' We see beautiful menswear and womenswear looks in baggy and experimental silhouettes completed with eye-catching details. The color palette includes pale blush, subdued peach, chocolate brown, salmon pink, bright, crimson red and burgundy hues, as well as metallic bronze accents.

David Catalan Fall 2015 (1)

In these images are shown outfits colored in red and burgundy hues. 'NO SIGNAL' collection has been created thanks to languid silhouettes, clean cuts, inaccurate and irregular pleats. Anyway, let's have a closer look at some of my favorite creations:

David Catalan Fall 2015 (2)

David Catalan Fall 2015 (3)

This burgundy colored coat is a perfect match for dark red colored dress. In love with this pleated midi skirt.

David Catalan Fall 2015 (4)

David Catalan Fall 2015 (5)

David Catalan Fall 2015 (6)

Photography: Think n’ Shoot
Stylist: Fede Pouso; Alejandro Larrea
Make-up/Hair: MUA
Models: Achara Liu, Pablo Vega, Vasco Ferreira
Shoes: Callaghan
Glasses: Látelier Óptica

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