Morse Code Inspired Jewelery In Code Love Spring-Summer 2015

If you have a deep passion for design, fashion and art, then you might fall in love with the latest Spring-Summer 2015 season jewelry collection made by Code Love. You might ask what is so special about this brand? The singularity lies in its inspiration and visualization, as each and every piece is designed using Morse Codes dots and dashes, so that every piece has something unique ‘written’ into it. Every creation has a hidden message that is designed into it. I think every girl, lady and woman will love to have one of these stunning pieces in her jewelry collection. Giving one of these unique items to your closest person, you automatically sharing the important message with your truly best friend or girlfriend. All in all, every single piece from Code Love has something special and heart felt.

Code Love Spring-Summer 2015 1

Even cuffs features Morse Code message, you can find 'Boss' or 'XOX' words.

Code Love Spring-Summer 2015 2

Code Love Spring-Summer 2015 3


DREAM yellow gold union ring that is ideal for those who love perfect creations.

Gold necklace E04

Here we see a gold necklace. It is an initial union disc that has quite a stunning everyday design.

Gold necklace M12

That's a symbol of the union of love in such a beautiful and subtle form. The following design comes in rose color. The Morse code design is created out of brilliant cut diamond.

SilverGold necklace N

Here we see a white gold union necklace made of fine gold.


Yellow gold union ring 'XOX.' That's a perfect addition to cocktail ensembles and evening attire.


How about a Morse Code which says: 'YES.' Try on this beautiful white gold ring that is ideal for wearing with black or silver colored dresses.

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