Cocoon Shaped Dresses And Other Creative Garments In Majka Sajda Fall 2015

An international, high-society Polish designer brand Majka Sajda reveals its Winter 2015-2016 season collection of women's custom sized unique clothing. It's not just unique clothing for special occasions, it's a perfect way how you can attract everyone's attention. Indeed, all the showcased styles will make you the envy of your friends!

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (1)

What is so special about Majka Sajda anyway? The brand incorporates a wide range of styles, offering its clientèle unique and sophisticated creations, starting from the raw minimalism, to retro, sporty styles and timeless basics. Majka Sajda woman is ready for anything. She can appear on the red carpet, prom or wedding in the same dress without looking weird or feeling misplaced. Every piece is made of luxurious textiles with a great attention to details.

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (2)

This is my favorite piece from the recent fall season collection. We see a cocoon, scuba inspired dress with star print. Love it.

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (3)

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (4)

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (5)

The fur embellishment wows with its unique look and colors.

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (6)

This long-sleeve shapeless shift is a great choice for curvy ladies. Complete the look by adding high suede boots.

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (7)

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (8)

There is kind of retro styling in this collarless coat. Feels like Victorian era minimalism.

Majka Sajda Fall 2015 (9)

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