Co Resort 2015

Co label's designer and cofounder Stephanie Danan and partner Justin Kern explored buoyancy and sporty inflection in the latest resort 2015 season's collection. I personally have kind a feeling of youth when I see these creations. We see sophisticated cuts, voluminous and fluid silhouettes with polished, easy balances. Every piece looks special and restrained. Danan uses silk, jersey, knitted fur, cashmere, denim fabrics in his collection, while the color palette consists mostly of black, white and navy. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these luxury essentials:

Co Resort 2015 (1)

Collarless flared coat.

Co Resort 2015 (2)

Sleeveless puffer and flared vest in quilted jacquard is styled with pleated pants.

Co Resort 2015 (3)

A-line shirtdress.

Co Resort 2015 (4)

The same ensemble, while this time it's in black.

Co Resort 2015 (5)

A-line flared puffer jacket in black.

Co Resort 2015 (6)

Here we see a slouchy black blouse tucked in A-line skirt.

Co Resort 2015 (7)

Fur vest is worn atop silken loose-fit dress.

Co Resort 2015 (8)

Baggy top is paired with wide-leg trousers.

Co Resort 2015 (9)

Co Resort 2015 (10)

Feather furry cape in black color looks statement.

Co Resort 2015 (11)

Ruffled T-shirt dress in jacquard.

Co Resort 2015 (12)

Ruffled shirt with puffy short sleeves is styled with basic black pants and creative hat.

Co Resort 2015 (13)

Here we see a navy shirt sleeve shirt tucked in a baggy skirt in floral matelassé with an elastic waist.

Co Resort 2015 (14)

That's a simple navy dress.

Co Resort 2015 (15)

Furry metal-navy jacket looks awesome.

Co Resort 2015 (16)

Ruffled simple shift.

Co Resort 2015 (17)

An evening black ensemble.

Co Resort 2015 (18)

Pullover embellished with fur.

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