Clémentine Henrion Jewellery For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Clémentine Henrion is a French designer who lives and works in Paris. She creates amazing designer jewelry. Today I'd like to bring you the Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 season's collection. You are about to see amazing fashion accessories which include spectacular jewelry pieces made from high quality metals, mizuhiki and scoubidou threads and other precious materials. Each creation evokes real excitement and great emotions. Anyway, let's take a closer view at her eponymous collection of hand-crafted luxury jewelery:

JJ-MIZU-01-double bangle mizuhiki pink 1

That's a marvelous double bangle with mizuhiki pink threads.

JJ-MIZU-01-double bangle mizuhiki pink 2

JJ-MIZU-02-double bangle mizuhiki blue 1

Double bangle mizuhiki in blue:

JJ-MIZU-02-double bangle mizuhiki blue 2

PB-FLOW-01-small hair pin silk flowers #1

Small hair pin which features silk flowers:

PB-FLOW-02-small hair pin silk flowers #2

PB-FLOW-03-large hair pin silk flowers pastel

That's a large hair pin with silk flowers pastel.

S-FLOW-01-necklace silk flower blue 1

Blue silk flower necklace:

S-FLOW-01-necklace silk flower blue 2

S-FLOW-02-necklace silk flower pink 1

That's a pink one:

S-FLOW-02-necklace silk flower pink 2

S-IRIFLOW-01-necklace silk flowers & sparkle

Sparkling silk flowers necklace:

S-IRIFLOW-02-necklace silk flowers & sparkle

TR-AQUA-01-silk braided belt bracelet aquatic #1

Aquatic silk braided belt bracelet:

TR-AQUA-02-silk braided belt bracelet aquatic #2

TR-CC-AQUA-01-silk braided belt necklace

Another awesome silk braided belt necklace.

TR-HYP-01-silk braided belt bracelet cosmic

Braided belt bracelet cosmic.

TR-NOCT-01-silk braided belt bracelet nocturnal #1

Nocturnal design:

TR-NOCT-02-silk braided belt bracelet nocturnal #2

TR-NOCT-03-silk braided belt bracelet nocturnal #3

TR-NOCT-04-silk braided belt bracelet nocturnal #4

TR-NOCT-05-silk braided belt bracelet nocturnal #5

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