Channel Your Inner Minimalist With These Amazing Fall 2015 Styles by Amandine Leforestier

Say hello to Sports Minimalistic look. In today's post I'm gonna show you some of the best outfits in which you can channel your inner minimalist style. I'd like to introduce to you Amandine Leforestier Autumn 2015 season womenswear collection. Every look comes with a relaxed fit and timeless look, what are so essential for ladies who seek for versatile clothing.

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (2)

That is an ideal grey-white colored wrap robe-coat styled with white loose-fit tee paired with grey sweatpants.

Personally, I find these styles to be perfect layerings, as every outfit looks like a cocoon, what gently wraps woman's body keeping her warm and elegant. The color palette is subdued, featuring grey, black and charcoal shades. Anyway, let me know what you think of these loose-fit sporty clothes.

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (1)

A stand-up neck sweatshirt in light grey color looks practical paired with black track sweatpants.

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (3)

The simplicity to its MAX. We see regular-fit black shift-dress worn with tights and glossy black flat shoes.

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (4)

Charcoal collarless wrap coat in cozy wool is an ideal topper for wearing in cold winter days. You can complete the look by adding black wrap scarf.

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (5)

Another minimalistic look is showcased in the picture above. We see loose-fit long tee paired with relaxed-fit knee-length skirt.

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (6)

A kind of cocoon look. We see long-sleeve sweatshirt-dress styled with grey sweatpants paired teamed with glossy black loafers.

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (7)

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (8)

Light grey wrap cardi-blazer looks awesome paired with grey tee styled with black pants.

Amandine Leforestier Fall 2015 (9)

Loose-fit black long-sleeve T-dress looks ideal for Lazy Sundays wearing.

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