Carven Resort 2015

Keep it cool, sportif and active, as we are about to view the resort 2015 collection from Carven. I personally like that special touch of polished and classic look, which features amazing neoprene, various materials blocking, panel inserts, as well as athletic collars and laser-cut leather fabrics. Guillaume Henry behind Carven offers sportif motives, including ski and surf accents. Just take a closer view at the moto versus 1960's inspired Parisienne mademoiselle. The color palette features pylon orange, grey, white, black, pale turquoise. I see that Henry sacrificed with feminine details, offering us easy to wear essentials. All in all, Carven pre-spring features practical active-inspired looks.

Carven Resort 2015 (1)

Pylon orange coat with black horizontal bands running down its sleeves is worn atop white turtleneck ensemble with zip on the collar.

Athletic-inspired dress with zip collar in black and white colors is styled with shiny ballet flats:

Carven Resort 2015 (2)

Here we see an exaggerated coat in pylon orange with black inserts is paired with white socks tucked in the same color chunky sandals:

Carven Resort 2015 (3)

Two piece athletic ensemble, which reminds me of sci-fi movie's outfit features slim, cropped zip jacket paired with a flirty kick skirt:

Carven Resort 2015 (4)

Here we see an orange A-line dress with black inset:

Carven Resort 2015 (5)

An oversized double-breasted trench looks strong and mannish. I love the way model wears white socks and chunky sandals:

Carven Resort 2015 (6)

This print reminds me of camouflage, while the silhouette of this ensemble is slim-fit and ladylike:

Carven Resort 2015 (7)

How about this knitted piece with a flared mini skirt:

Carven Resort 2015 (8)

Another simple, black and white striped dress is worn with chunky black wedge sandals:

Carven Resort 2015 (9)

Carven Resort 2015 (10)

That's is my favorite sweatshirt dress (fronted with sweet springtime flower and label's logo) from the entire collection, as it has a real sporty look thanks to cocoon sloped raglan sleeves:

Carven Resort 2015 (11)

Here we see a black shirt with perforated short-sleeves which is tucked in matte leather shorts:

Carven Resort 2015 (12)

Carven Resort 2015 (14)

This piece has zippered and ribbed knit collar:

Carven Resort 2015 (15)

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