Bundy & Webster Floral Tops Summer 2014 Collection

Bundy & Webster reveals its sweet and trendy Spring-Summer 2014 season's collection of women's sweatshirts, tees and jumpers. The brand was inspired by English gardens, that's why every piece features black and white flowers. Each design was drawn by Olivia Whitworth and silk-screen printed onto the fabric. The floral collection reflects an enduring passion for the new and beautiful. It's no doubt, each design has a precious casual look which gives its wearer a modern update. These high quality and innovative printed pieces will for sure suit your daily looks. Brand's directors Hannah Calder-Bundy and Suki Webster offer long-lasting fashion garments, not fast fashion.

Flower Sleeve Jumper Grey

Flower sleeve jumper.

Sunflowers white blue

sunflower white blue tee.

Sunflowers white

sunflower white top.

Tulips White on white

tulips white t-shirt.

White tulips

white tulip cropped top.

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