Bold And Cozy Essentials In Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Bojana Draca behind Farrah Floyd presents her new Autumn 2015 season collection entitled 'Control'. Inspired by female movie characters again, every outfit is an ode to one of them. They are: Jane, Daria, Jeanne, Edie, Jill, Valentine, Joanna, Anne, Lucy, Helena and Elvira. Winter 2015-2016 explores the limits of pleats.

Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

An exaggerated loose-fit grey coat looks awesome. You can wear this big outerwear with absolutely anything you want.

She is designer with a recognizable style. She combines strong concepts with technical skills and sustainable design strategies. I love the way Draca plays with shapes and colors, as well transforming 2D forms into 3D. Speaking of materials, we see cotton fleece, wool, rib cotton jersey and sweat. Farrah Floyd unites high level quality in both design and sustainability. Using wool and cotton fleece, as well as sweat and rib cotton jersey, this season we pleat our way into new shapes and forms. This time Bojana Draca let the fabric live life of its own, so that new shapes follow female's figure. Let me know your thoughts about this collection in the comments below.

Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (2)

This creative outfit has a kind of layered look. I love the muted colors of these separates.

Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (3)

Slouchy and relaxed touch is felt in this dress. A perfect style for making statement at creative party.

Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (4)

I call this black hat- devil's warmer. Try it on with a sleeveless cozy dress in camel-black colors.

Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (5)

A fashion-forward black shift dress will make you look original.

Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (6)

Can't say for sure, but this long topper looks like a down-jacket to me. In love with peep-toe wedge ankle-boots.

Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (7)

There is kind of bullet-proof vest feeling about this sleeveless top.

Farrah Floyd Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (8)

This shapeless black dress looks like a cocoon to me.

Photographer: Claudia Klein

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