Best Ways To Wear Clogs

Can I really wear clogs? Yes, you can! And how do I do it? It's quite simple, as I am here to show you the best ways to wear them in your daily life. The thing about these shoes is the fear of looking weird, but believe me, if you wear clogs correctly, then you will automatically reach for comfortability, stylishness and chicness. You all know about this footwear comeback in fashion and runways, so what you have to do is to style them properly with your wardrobe staples. These shoes can be easily adapted into any wardrobe, you just have to be sure to choose the right pair, style and color and team them with your modern and comfortable apparel. If you wondering if it's okay to wear them during winter time, then yes, it's possible, just add pair of knitted socks or tights to your outfit. It's a very versatile footwear that works well with different outfits. Enjoy wearing them with confidence and a big smile at work, parties and formal events. All in all, let's have a closer look at the following tips for wearing clogs in real life:

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There is kind of safari touch in this look. We see an awesome khaki green slim-fit jacket with patch pockets which is cinched at the waist with an animal print wide belt and paired with flared, pleated mini skirt I love the shoulder bag and navy colored shoes. This outfit will keep you smart and trendy.

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How about choosing wooden-heeled footwear. This season I advice you to try on wedged styles with strapless, lightweight, elongated top, skinny shorts, fringed handbag and eye-catching jewelry. I like that boho chic look, which is an ideal addition to any girl's wardrobe. Keep the summery spirit and choose simple, tailored clothes.

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How about street style everyday look? Here we see an easy to style outfit, which includes cable knit beanie, shawl scarf, leather jacket with sheepskin collar and skinnies.

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Keep it classic with a touch of boho vintage. Here we see boot-cut slim-fit jeans, cashmere purple turtleneck and statement neck jewelry.

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Another great update is seen in the image above. We see purple maxi skirt worn with a knitted, loose sweater, black clutch and grey clogs. That's a statement modern look.

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How about sporting mustard yellow knitted sweater with slim-fit jeans and down-jacket. You can add navy leather accessories for making a sophisticated look.

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Keep it vintage and very simple by adding layers and loose-fit separates. Here we see suede brown wide-leg pants, loose-fit cream white tee, suede, fringed brown bag and lightweight cape.

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Keep it summery cool and try on following garments: spaghetti strap violet top with lace bottom, heart-shaped sunglasses, cool fringed bag and ripped cut-offs.

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If you want a playful and youthful look, then it's better to choose clogs in bright patterns. As you can see, these ones come in a kind of tribal print. For a more sophisticated look I advice you to wear 1970's inspired boot-cut jeans styled with bow-tie white top and mustard orange wrap lightweight blazer.

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How about reflecting your personal modern style and showing of your trendy look. Here we see indigo pleated boot-cut jeans, grey wool sweater and wrap, black jacket with leather details on sleeves. I like the following doctor bag.

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