Ben Sherman Fall-Winter 2014-2015

If you are all about 1960's mood, then this post is meant for you, dear friend. Today I want to share with you Ben Sherman's Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection of amazing women's and men's clothing ideas that will for sure make you look cool, confident and sophisticated. How about swinging London? Make sure you are wearing all that sixties flair looks so that you can easily rock the show. The model Millie Loggie is joined by Jed Texas and Cesar Caiser on location in London. They are wearing amazing bold stripes, shift dresses and plaid patterns for the outdoor shoot.

Ben Sherman Fall 2014 (1)

From the left:

On him: a crew neck sweater, bow tie, fitted jeans and classic boots
On her: 1960's style shift dress, long socks and cool leather booties
On him: velvet dress jacket, pale blue shirt and tie, camel pants and black classic shoes

Ben Sherman Fall 2014 (2)

From the left:
On him: casual shirt, suspenders, classic pants
On her: sweatshirt, mini skirt
On him: casual shirt and jeans

Ben Sherman Fall 2014 (3)

wide brim hat and school girl ensemble

Ben Sherman Fall 2014 (4)

Oh him: everyday pantsuit
On her: wide brim hat and wide stripe ensemble

Ben Sherman Fall 2014 (5)

A casual everyday looks, which are perfect for work wear.

Photographer: Sam Bisso
Styling: Tilly Hardy
Production: Belinda

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