Beautiful and Bright Scarves in Laura Ciccarello Spring-Summer 2015

If you want yourself something bright, lightweight and beautiful for the next spring-summer 2015, then I highly recommend you to take a look at the latest Laura Ciccarello collection of elegant scarves. All the presented accessories can be worn in many different ways, as each one of these gorgeous creations has a unique print, color and length. Each of her product is a "wearable piece of art." What really drives this collection, then it's the combination of art and practicality. Looking through these images, I have to admit, each of these beautiful items is a real must-have, as you can integrate it into any outfit, starting from casual essentials to special event dresses and suits. The spring season collection was inspired by designer's paintings, as well as Instagram photos and everyday life beauty.

Women's Scarves Laura Ciccarello 2015  (1)

Keep in mind that the photos attached were not photographed or edited by a professional photographer. Each one of these products has the same beauty in real life! Anyway, let's have a detailed look at this extraordinary mix of color details and prints.


Big Blingy Starry Night Silk Chiffon

Here we see an awesome Big Blingy Starry Night silk chiffon creation that is ideal addition to your business outfit.

Canyon Walls silk chiffon scarf

If you want to draw attention to your neck, then I recommend you to try on this cool Canyon Walls silk chiffon design.

Crystal Skull Modal scarf

I love this sophisticated, somewhat scary piece named Crystal Skull Modal. Try it on with your cocktail attire.

Diamonds are more than my best friends silk chiffon

How about this abstract Diamonds are more than my best friends piece that will surely fit your favorite white or black dress.

Fools Gold Silk charmeuse scarf

There is kind of kaleidoscope mirror inspired look in this Gold Silk charmeuse item. Try to wrap it around your neck wearing with your statement skirtsuits.

Karl Lagerfeld is really chuck norris wrap-aka Karate Karl Caviar and White wrap silk cashmere

Haha...that's a funny piece and I love it. We see Karl Lagerfield who is doing karate. The name of the scarf is: Karl Lagerfeld is really Chuck Norris aka Karate Karl Caviar and White wrap silk cashmere. Wear this fun accessory with your favorite separates from day to night.

Kryptonite XL Scarf Silk Charmeuse

Here we see Kryptonite XL Silk Charmeuse creation. Try it on with your evening attire for special events.

Queen of the Aztec Desert scarf silk chiffon

How about some sophistication in your life? We see Queen of Aztec Desert made of silk chiffon.

Rock Royalty Silk Cashmere Banana Python

That's a fun, everyday appropriate piece named Rock Royalty silk cashmere banana python.

Stone Roses scarf silk chiffon

Stone Roses scarf in silk chiffon is a must have accessory for those ladies who want to draw all attention to their neck.

Testa Rosa Fresco silk cashmere

This Testa Rosa Fresco silk cashmere piece is a great addition to your everyday summer basics.

Tourmaline Mornings silk chiffon

Keep it bright and ladylike. Try on this Tourmaline Mornings silk chiffon piece to add a sultry touch to your very special outfit.

Tourmaline Nights Silk Cashmere scarf

Another awesome design named Tourmaline Nights Silk Cashmere. Add this beautiful accessory to your silken jumpsuit.

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